Tuesday , 25 June 2019
As a mentor to jewelry designers at Flourish & Thrive Academy, we are often asked what to write about! Today I thought I’d cover some of the best topics for a jewelry blogger to cover.

10 Blog Topic Ideas for Jewelry Designers

10 Blog Topic Ideas for Jewelry Designers

When I first started blogging back in 2006, I had no idea what to write about. In fact, I my blog read more like a public journal than a jewelry blog. Part of my struggle was that I had no idea who my DREAM client was. Plus, I had NO clue about what to write about.

Over the last 4 years, my custom jewelry business has gone through a massive evolution, several different websites and two rebrands. Over that time, I’ve learned a lot about what to write about on my jewelry blog. These days, I treat it more like a magazine and I cover topics that MY DREAM client is interested in.

As a mentor to jewelry designers at Flourish & Thrive Academy, we are often asked what to write about! Today I thought I’d cover some of the best topics for a jewelry blogger to cover.

1. Client Testimonials and Showcases

Creating social proof is key to building trust in your business. What better way to get social proof than using happy clients as a showcase??

2. Jewelry and Fashion Trends

Regardless if you are a trend designer or a personal jewelry designer like me, covering jewelry trends on your blog can help your DREAM clients find you. Make sure you tie the trends into the type of work that you design. For example, an emerald green trend in fashion can tie into the emerald green earrings you designed.

3. New Collection Inspiration

Most jewelry designers are inspired to create collections for a variety of reasons. Talk about your inspirations for your recent collections and highlight some of your favorite pieces.

4. Holiday and Seasonal Topics

During any seasonal or holiday time, writing about relevant topics during the season is key to attracting your DREAM clients. For instance, a post about your favorite ways to show your love around Valentine’s day is a great way to promote those adorable heart studs you just designed.

5. Articles about your Jewelry Niche

In my opinion, the more niche and specific your line is, the easier it is to attract your DREAM clients. For instance, if you design bridal or wedding jewelry, you can write a blog post about your favorite Fall Wedding Trends. Make sure one of the trends has something to do with your jewelry.

6. Jewelry Care

Showcasing or using video to teach your DREAM clients how to care for your jewelry (and the pieces in their jewelry box) is great service to offer. You could run a series and feature just one tip a week.

7. Celebrity Showcases

Talking about your favorite celebrities on your blog is a fantastic way to mix up the content. Consider style tips stolen from celebs, how to wear your jewelry like a celeb, or, of course, features on celebs wearing your work.

8. Styling

“How to wear your jewelry” via a feature on jewelry styling is a fantastic way to highlight not only your product, but to position yourself as an expert. You are an expert on how to wear your jewelry and the rest of the jewelry in your jewelry box.

9. Specific Materials, Practices, Techniques

People love to learn about how your jewelry is actually made. Document the process start to finish. Highlight special techniques or gemstones that you incorporate into your work.

10. Lifestyle Topics

You guessed it, your jewelry blog does not have to be only about jewelry. Write about the types of topics your DREAM client would be interested in. If you design yoga jewelry, highlight a series on your favorite yoga poses. If you design personal “mom” or “initial” jewelry, write stories about healthy products for babies. If you design healing gemstones jewelry, write about your favorite smoothie recipe. You get the idea.

The key is to make your jewelry blog posts interesting and attractive to your DREAM clients. One of my favorite blogs to follow is GemGossip.com. Danielle Miele does a fantastic job at covering all topics jewelry related. In fact, find other jewelry blogs that you love and be inspired by how you can write better for your blog.

We want to hear from you! In the comments below answer the following questions:

1. Are you currently blogging for your jewelry business? If so, what are your favorite topics to write about?

2. From the list above, which blog post idea will you try out next?

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  1. Very useful tips! Thank you!

  2. You really give some great tips here. Thanks for sharing this post to us. this adds information and a lot help as well. Keep posting!

  3. thanks for sharing!! It’s really important for Jewelry Designers to boost up their jewelry blog with attractive topics and ideas.

  4. Great content and tips, thank you!

  5. Thanks so much for this helpful article. I don’t post much on facebook either for the same reason.

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  7. Great suggestions. I struggle sometimes to find things to blog about, but this helps. :)

  8. Great suggestions for helping one to get started on composing blog content or deciding whether or not it is right for them. I myself am considering this for my boutique.


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  10. Good sound advice. Many thanks for sharing.

  11. What fantastic tips!! It’s always nice when someone breaks it down for you. Help & Inspire!!

    For real costume jewelry head over to https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BijouxRosemaryHedges

  12. That’s so true! I was so excited about starting a blog and then it hit me, what am I going to write about. This list provides some much needed focus and breaks it down into surmountable pieces. Thanks again :D

  13. Great tips! I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a blog to my social presence, but thinking of content has held me back a bit. I have tons of ideas for the future, but it’s the day to day that I’ve been struggling with. This list has really opened up my eyes as to the plethora of topics I could cover. Thank you so much for sharing!! (BTW, I love your jewelry. Let me find the man and I’ll be contacting YOU for my ring!) <3

  14. Thank you for this excellent read. I found this stunning and very attractive .Many thanks for sharing.

  15. I am having a difficult time finding my dream client as my jewelry seems to appeal to older/retired women and the quilting sector. But, I will continue to work on my blog and my jewelry and see if I can make the two connect!

  16. Thanks for the brilliant ideas. Its really worth reading. Thanks.

  17. You have written some really imformative tips. Bloggin has such a huge social pressence you have to make sure you are blogging correctly otherwise you will have no follow through to your site.

  18. My favorite, and really easiest thing to write about on my blog is posting my pics and writing about my wanderings in my local state parks. I do post facts about some of the stones I use and their metaphysical properties, which I find quite interesting! Most the time, coming up with a post that I think will be of interest is a major struggle.

  19. I already employ 3, 4, 9, and 10. and kind of #7. I’ve showcased other artists. And #8….I wrote a little story that painted a scene of the woman and situation it might have been worn. That was fun. I think I’ll do more of that. More styling issues should help find my target customer. My favorite topic is probably travel and cultural inspiration.

  20. Hi ,

    Thanks to your tips I am getting traffic now for my 777jewelry blog. At first, I was really hopeless that I already decided to give up the blog and pass it to someone else. I am confident about my writing skills but I am not sure why I got super low readers for my blog. It might be because It was a bit boring but for me it was attractive. (haha.lol)

  21. Thanks for the great tips! I’m new to the jewellery business so great to get some inspiration!

  22. Thank you for the tips!
    1) I have a jewelry blog and try to keep it interesting for my target audience while writing what interests myself. I like to cover topis on styling and jewelry tips.
    2) I just was thinking about writing about jewelry trends, and could not decide if I should go for it. Thank you for that push that I needed. This is exactly what I will start covering next.

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  31. This one is an inspiring article for all upcoming designers and what all they must have in their stores to attract their target customers. Jewelry blogs must have interesting feeds other than attractive designs, so clients are clear about what the designer’s collection is all about.

  32. Thanks for sharing these genuine blog topic ideas.

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