Tuesday , 26 May 2020
Tophatter is an e-commerce experience. It also happens to be the world’s most entertaining live marketplace.

10 Reasons Etsy Sellers Should Sell on Tophatter

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Tophatter is an e-commerce experience. It also happens to be the world’s most entertaining live marketplace. Merchants with remarkable items can sell them in a real-time, live & completely virtual online auction.

10 Reasons Etsy Sellers Should Sell on Tophatter

1.  Sales!! If you attend any one of the live auctions you will see that items sell!!!  If you are just starting out selling online or if you are a seasoned seller, this is a great opportunity to generate more sales.

I recorded this short video of a live jewelry auction.   The earrings up for auction sell for $22.  Check out how it all goes down!

Sign up for Tophatter HERE.  No waiting for an invite!

I was browsing through sold items and noticed this seller who makes amazing copper jewelry.  Notice the sold prices!
tophatter sales

2.  Traffic!  You can drive traffic back to your Etsy shop from your seller page on Tophatter.

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3.   Develop credibility with feedback from your sales from your auctioned items.  We all know how important feedback is when selling online and Tophatter saw that need.  On your seller profile page you can see feedback from items that were sold.

4.  Huge social network exposure opportunities.  The Tophatter gang knows how important social media is when it comes to spreading the word about your products.  You can pin your items on Pinterest, the fastest growing social networking site this year.  You can also like and send items on Facebook.  I am guessing Twitter is being added soon!



5.  Generate a list of buyers that you can contact when you have more items up for auction.

6.  It costs you nothing to list items in auctions. So there is no risk to get your items out there and up for auction.   You only pay when an items sells.

7.  Learn more about your products and brand. Learn what sells and what doesn’t.  Make changes to your prices, photos, and shipping costs.

8.  Interact with other sellers and grow your connections.

9. Create a fun and exciting way for your friends, fans, and customers to buy your products.

10.  Have fun!  The live auction experience is fun and exciting.  So along with all the sales, traffic, and relationships, you will have a fun time!  It is always exciting to see your items up for bid… you never know what could happen!

You can sign up for Tophatter HERE…. no waiting for an invite!

Make sure you check out the auctions and do a little shopping before you start selling, so you can understand the entire process.  Mother’s day is coming up soon…hint..hint!!!

The Tophatter Buyers Guide


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  1. Great post, Tim! I am thoroughly convinced about TopHatter :D My very first auction was the one last night that you set up where I sold two of my octopus plushes, plus I bought a lovely candle (http://green-illuminations.com) and still came out ahead! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I was planning on attending even if I didn’t get to sell anything just to check it out for the first time, but I’m so happy about how it went down! Thanks again for organizing that (: There really is no risk at all, so I’m definitely going to try to join more auctions in the future.

  2. I sold my first print on Tophatter last week! i am offering another photo on Tuesday’s Home Decor auction. Super easy to use and really fun to participate.

  3. I did it once and it was good…sold fast but I could not get on again. said I was in wrong section and then just skipped over me. Confused! But like it!

  4. Let me start off by saying I am a HUGE fan of Tophatter!! I have done well with selling some supplies and ok with selling jewelry.

    I want to give some advice to other Etsy sellers though. The items listed above with the high prices are real. There are also as many or more instances where items sell wayyy lower. Just remember that you are taking a chance that your items may sell for much less than they are worth.

    Sure, you could start your auction at a price near your cost to ensure you don’t loose… but remember, if you start with a higher price your item may not get any bids.

    I have seen a gorgeous handmade scarf go for $4 and cringed thinking about how long it probably took the creater to make it. Some of my own items have gone for 75% off retail price.

    #2-#9 are right on…Tim and Kim have nailed it with the reasons Tophatter is such a great place to be (as always)!

    My advice is this…Tophatter is an auction and people are there to get something for a deal. Check it out, have fun but make sure to research your category and see what will make you money before you jump in!

  5. I wrote this article about my real experience with Tophatter. Spanish version http://blendbymaro.blogspot.com/2012/04/tophatter-si-lo-admito.html

  6. I would… But I don’t know where my items apply!

  7. My first experience as a seller with TopHatter makes me not want to go back. The item I normally sell for $8-$10 sold for $2. What a slap in the face! And, I made the mistake of listing my best item. I am extremely fearful of listing again. Two thumbs down.

  8. I have sold a few items on tophatter and bought even more items. I still have not made up my mind on whether it is for me. I think it might be better for stuff you want to get out of your inventory to make room for new. That way if it goes for way less it is not as upsetting.


  9. As a seller I am very pleased with Top Hatter ! Thank you Tim so much for introducing this site to me and my shop . :D Diana

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