Wednesday , 28 October 2020
I have created this list of 17 useful tips to improve your Facebook networking. The tips are designed specifically for when you are logged into Facebook as your page and not as your personal profile.

17 Facebook Fan Page Networking Tips

Cathrine Holm inspired Birds Illustration

Cathrine Holm inspired Birds Illustration by: PeanutoakPrint

Facebook Fan Page Networking Tips

Guest Post by: Hilary from Craft Blog Uk

Boosting your fan numbers and Facebook fan page engagement is not just about your own updates. Choosing great, relevant content to share is essential to keep fans engaged. However, off page activity is an equally important way of increasing likes and engagement on your fan page and should not be overlooked.

I have created this list of 17 useful tips to improve your Facebook networking.

The tips are designed specifically for when you are logged into Facebook as your page and not as your personal profile.

  • Your fans are watching… Everything you post, like or comment on both on and off your page could be seen on both the Facebook ticker and in a fans news stream. Use this as a chance to show people how friendly / interesting / funny / amazing, your page is.  As engagement with your existing fans increases so does the likelihood they will see your pages activity in their news streams.
  • Spend 10 – 15 minutes at least, per day looking through your Facebook page ‘home’ news stream and interacting as your page.  Click on ‘home’ in the top right when logged in as your page to see the news stream from all the pages you have liked ‘as your page’.
  • Search for pages to like that fit into your ‘target market’ and complement your own brand.  For example if you make hats then a page that makes handbags of a similar style and quality is a good connection, if you make aprons seek out cooking and baking pages.
  • By commenting on the content of pages that complement your own products and page you will be seen by their audience, it’s a chance to engage with their fans as well as building up a potentially beneficial relationship with that company (guest blog posts / giveaways etc).  If the fan page reciprocates your like or comments on your posts, their fans, which represent your target market will potentially see this in their tickers and news streams too.
  • Use keywords to find relevant pages, and sort by ‘pages’ so you don’t waste time scrolling through groups as you cannot join a group as a page.  Do some research into your market so you can find really great complementary pages.
  • Look at the ‘likes’ of pages that you have found that do fit with your target market  or the pages your competitors like and you will often find a network of similar pages for your page to connect with.  Don’t like them all, be selective and take your time to interact with each page as well as clicking like.
  • Don’t spam pages, especially not those of competitors.
  • Rather than post ‘hi from your newest liker’ (oh so boring!) on someone’s wall, look through and comment on one of their existing threads – join the conversation, don’t fly post!  With the new timeline pages this is even more relevant as posts by ‘others’ on pages are now tucked away and not so visible as previously.
  • When you are posting as your page you don’t need to add a tag to comments and if you do it can look spammy.
  •  Don’t like or comment on anything you don’t actually like.  Be genuine, seek out the stuff that you do like.
  •  Share content from the complementary pages you have found. It’s a great way to get noticed by a page and to get seen in news streams.   Only share content that you think your fans will really enjoy and don’t overdo it as it can affect your ‘Facebook edge rank’ – ie how many of your fans actually get to see your posts.
  •  Use the ‘most recent’ drop down when checking you pages ‘home’ news stream.  This way you can be in the first few to comment / share something from one of your pages likes. Your comment has more chance of being read by the page and the following commenters this way.  Come back to the comment later and add more to the conversation.
  •  Don’t copy and paste any messages – you are a spammer if you do and Facebook will not appreciate it. Be a sociable and chatty human being and you won’t get in trouble for spamming!
  • Try and write more than just a one word comment.  Writing a question on a page’s post rather than a statement, like ‘wow, that’s lovely’ can help develop your relationship with that page and importantly the fans of that page as any that have commented on the post will also see the reply you get.  (don’t ask stupid questions, give it a little thought!)
  • Visit your pages activity log, this can be found in the ‘manage’ drop down of your admin panel, click on use activity log.  Pick up on your previous interactions, everything you do is logged here – get involved and be part of the conversation, don’t post and run. For example if you posted ‘Good luck at the fair’ then you can visit and ask how it went or comment on their next update if you had missed it in your home news stream.
  • Read my ‘All Killer, No Filler’ post if you are tempted to get involved with ‘like ladders’ and ‘marches’, the post further explains my Facebook strategy.
  • Always keep in mind your target audience, some connections you thought would work well may be a waste of time, don’t be afraid to unlike a page if you no longer think their posts are relevant.

Be sociable, give your page a voice of its own and start actively bringing potential customers over to your fan page.

Have fun with your facebook networking! x Hilary J



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  1. Thanks for these very useful tips Hilary! I’m glad that you have said that its a good idea to post relevant content that is not actually part of your product range because i really like to do this and i keep reading everywhere that you should only post your listings and new etc because the page is about your business. I feel bored doing this though so i can only imagine that my page ‘likers’ do too – variety is the spice of life!! :)

  2. Thanks for the tips. Bookmark!

  3. Very helpful advice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. In the post, you said our comments as a fan page COULD be seen on both the Facebook ticker and in a fans news stream. What are the factors of it showing up or not? I wasn’t aware it could but the good news is I have been following your other recommendations of making useful comments & not just spamming pages.

    • The ticker shows all activity from the pages and people that you are fans and friends of – so the chances of activity being seen is just dependent on who is online, if they have their ticker enabled and if they are actively looking at it… I do look at my ticker a lot but I know some people really hate it!

      With regards to to stories being seen in the news feed – basically facebook has a number of factors that it looks at to decide whether this story will show up in someones stream, it looks at how relevant the story is based on your connection with page as it want you to see stories it thinks you will find interesting. For example I have just checked my feed on my personal profile and one of the top stories is an activity from Handmadeology – recently I’ve tagged handmadeology so fb obv decided that I would be interested in seeing the story :) Hope that helps a little – there really isn’t a finite answer to your question – the main thing is that the more engaged your page is with it’s fans the more likely they will see all activity from your page and not just a few bits, so keep your posting consistent :)

  5. Fabulous tips….this is something that I really need to get working on, so THANKS!!

  6. I have been trying to figure out how to work on my page. Your advice is really helpful. Thank you.

  7. This is a great article, and I’m happy to find that I already do quite a lot of the recommended actions. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Thanks for the tips. My goal this weekend is to work on my fb page so this will be a big help for me.

  9. Mindys Whimseys

    These are great and very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks so much, never thought to use the activity log before, such a clever way to get around how forgetful I am.

    Im so glad I found your blog, sorry I missed your chat on giveaways, Im just trying them out and wish I’d tuned in for your wisdom.

  11. Thanks for this great post – it was very enlightening and I will certainly be using all of your tips… starting… now!

    I can’t believe that I’ve been overlooking interacting with others as my fan page for so long…

  12. Fantastic, thankyou for the advice

  13. Great advice – spending time on your page and interacting is so important. This is something I need to work on.

  14. Great advice, I will be looking closer now. I am off to read what killer no filler is… LOL

    Sharon Orella

  15. Great tips! Thanks so much! When I am searching out pages to ‘like’, I focus in on organizations, businesses, people who are local that are of interest to me and whom I truly like and support. So for example, I have fanned my local nurseries, restaurants, non profits, libraries, Chambers of Commerce, etc as well as fellow Etsy shop owners. I feel like this includes me in my local community, making connections with my town, which I love and value! :)

  16. Great advice. My biggest problem with Facebook and my blog is that I can never think of things to say.

  17. Great advice! Facebook networking is so important today. You can gain so many organic followers and fans by maintaining a great social media presence.

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