Friday , 19 October 2018

2011 Etsy Sales Goal Tracker Spreadsheet (Free Download)

etsy sales goal tracker from handmadeology

A new year is right around the corner.  In the  last quarter of 2010we have focused on goal setting , taxes, and creating  a business plan for your creative business.

The Handmadeology Team wants to help you with your Etsy goals and help you keep track of your Etsy sales. We have developed a simple yet powerful Sales and goal tracker for Etsy sellers.  We are offering this to all our readers, followers, fans, and subscribers for FREE!!!

The more you write and rewrite your goals, the better you will remember and work on your goals.

etsy sales goal spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is simple to use. Just enter your annual sales goal. Each day you get sales come back to your Sales tracker and enter the number of sales. The sales countdown and graphs are automatically generated!

etsy sales goal tracker

Keep track of your Etsy sales by day.   This bar graph will show you what days of the week are the best for your shop

etsy sales goal tracker

Keep track of your Etsy Sales by week in a visual way  with this line graph.

etsy sales goal spreadsheet

FREE etsy sales goal spreadsheet

To download your free 2011 Etsy Sales Goal Tracker Spreadsheet, just enter your name and email address in the form below!


  1. Thanks so much, no problem downloading it!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks for the download

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