Tuesday , 25 June 2019
I can't beat around the bush on this topic: I want you to blog regularly for your business. If you don't have a business yet, I want you to blog for the business you might create one day.

31 Days to Build a Creative Business: Start a blog {Day 14}

31 Days to Build a Creative Business: Start a blog {Day 14}

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Hey, hey! It’s Day 14 of the Build a Creative Business 31-Day Series! Today we’re going to talk about blogging to represent your brand and drive traffic to your online storefront.

I can’t beat around the bush on this topic: I want you to blog regularly for your business. If you don’t have a business yet, I want you to blog for the business you might create one day. If you have no intention of ever building a business, I still want you to blog … because I think it helps everybody in any stage of their life refine their message. It forces you to sit down and ask: What do I want to say to the world? And once you start sharing that message, it only gets better. The writing begins to reveal your inner truth.

Blogging refines your message

This is my absolute, all-time favorite thing about blogging. When I first started writing online, I didn’t have a strong voice. I was ignorantly opinionated, often cynical and sarcastic, and I mimicked many of the other bloggers that made me laugh. If I do say so myself, I’ve evolved, baby!

And I credit blogging for helping me rethink and refine the content that I put out into the world. At first, I didn’t know what to say! I didn’t have anything to talk about, or so I thought. But over time, certain ideas would strike me, and I’d get lost in the zone. I’d read back over what I wrote, and I’d feel so proud … it was all so true, so real, so open and honest. I love when that pours out of me.

In an interview we did together, Leonie Dawson likened blogging to taking dictation from God. I almost cried when she said it. It takes awhile to clear your channel of what you think you should say or what you think people want to read. But once you start operating on a clear channel, blogging becomes just that: dictation from God. The words pour through you because you’re open to sharing them, and your inner truth is revealed.

It reinforces your brand

For example, the Energy Shop is a brand that’s based on optimism, positive affirmations, and absolute gratitude for Life. That is my truth, and I’d like to think that my writing reflects that side of me. My creative business feels so aligned with who I am as a person, and that’s a must because I’m often required to forfeit my comfort zone, take giant leaps of faith, and give it all I’ve got.

If this is the creative business that you were meant to run, you’re probably eating, sleeping, and living your brand. It’s time to share that with the world, and the conversational-style outlet a blog offers is often the best way to do it.

Blogging lets the customer get to know you better

A blog is an ongoing conversation between you and the reader. It’s where they can go to ask you questions and get to know you better. They can read a full post rather than a short Facebook message or a 140-character tweet.

It’s true, some people won’t be interested in reading; some people simply don’t like to read. And that’s okay, those people aren’t your blog’s target audience anyway. Your blog’s target audience are the people who are looking for something of substance every time they’re online. Your readers are people who want to dig deeper and get to the root of things. Write from the heart, as if you’re writing an email to your best friend, and you’ll give your audience exactly what they’re looking for.

It drives traffic to your online storefront

The majority of my shop’s traffic comes from blogs (my own and guest posts on others). The blogging community is friendly and engaged, and bloggers are most willing to help other bloggers! I started out with the Etsy community, where I often felt visiting the forums was like falling into a bloody shark tank! You just never knew who was going to jump into your friendly conversation to try and take a bite out of your reputation. Some sellers operate on fear and thoughts of scarcity, while I’ve always operated on thoughts of abundance.

The blogging community is most certainly abundant with share-friendly writers! We’re all looking for new inspiration and stories, and we’re all more than happy to link, tweet, pin, and post your products in return. I’ve personally written and shared hundreds of posts that typically revolve around the Energy Shop, and that means thousands of links and tens of thousands of clicks around the web. Blogging is definitely good for business.

And that’ll do it for Day 14 of the series. If you’re not already blogging, I hope I’ve convinced you to start!

P.S. Tim and I mean business when it comes to helping you build yours. In fact, we’re launching a course to help you do just that: Build a Better Creative Business. Join us in this live classroom where proven experts in the field will show you how to build a shop that sells. Click here to learn more.


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  1. It is reassuring to know that you, and likely others, put off blogging because you didn’t think you had anything to say. And reassuring to know that you found something to say. Pretty much the main reason I put it off. Fear of having no one read it is another. I finally took took the biggest step and put the first one out there. I lived through not having anyone read it. Let the inspiration flow…

  2. This is an awesome program Thank you

  3. Thank you – this helps. I need to be more focused with my blog!

  4. I started blogging a year and a half ago. It’s still a challenge to me; it’s brought highs and lows, a flurry of activity and often silence :( Every now and then, someone will tell me (usually in a private email) how much a certain post resonated with them, or how much they enjoyed the read. I have a big “following” of 14(!) people but my stats show views from virtually every country around the world (who in Albania or Mauritius is checking me out?) I have put so much of myself in the stories, my husband questions my judgement, but there dosen’t seem any other way for me to do it. It’s supposed to be a jewelry blog, but often it becomes a rant about elephants, women’s issues or the language laws of Quebec! The main issue I have is consistency and quality. Many of the older posts are so much better than the most recent posts. My main angst is how to keep the posts great all the time. An impossible (for me) objective.
    PS: LIsa, I’m really enjoying this program too. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing, Lydia. I can truly relate. I’ve been blogging on and off for three or four years now, and I’m finally finding my rhythm and feeling its rewards.

      I’m so glad you’re joining us for the 31 days! Thanks again.

  5. I have been following this program pretty closely and recently have started blogging on my business website. Since all of my products are really for moms with children, I figure I would just use it to write down my personal experiences with my two year old. I also am including fun kid-friendly recipes, crafts, and DIY tutorials that I have found, and love.

    My question is, how do I get my blog out there for people to see it? I have put it on stumble upon, a mommy blog forum and my Facebook.
    If you had any other suggestions on how to get it out there for people to find, it would be a HUGE help :)

    I am pretty excited about blogging!

    Thanks again for this amazing program!!

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