Wednesday , 23 May 2018
Learn how Andreea sold her first business in 2005 for more than $50,000, and then started a t-shirt company in 2007, where she reached 6 figure sales in her first year of business.

4 KEYS to a Successful Creative Business

product marketing break through


If you are an entrepreneur with a product line, you won’t want to miss Andreea Ayers’ FREE four-part video training series: “Product Marketing Breakthrough.”

Andreea’s latest video, VIDEO 3, is now ready to view. To see this and Andreea’s other videos, register HERE.

In this video, you’ll meet a few successful Product Marketing Breakthrough members who are creating the businesses of their dreams by following Andreea’s easy-to-implement strategies – many of which you can implement right away, after you watch the videos.

In VIDEO 3, you’ll hear from:

- An entrepreneur who is making a big difference – for every bar of handmade soap that she sells, she donates one to a local women’s shelter – and her amazing soaps were featured in Ladies’ Home Journal!
- A t-shirt entrepreneur who launched her Eco-friendly t-shirt line with the help of Product Marketing Breakthrough

- A jewelry designer who now has over 20,000 fans on her Facebook page and she launched her business less than a year ago

- And a few more…
These AMAZING, game-changing results happened because these entrepreneurs used the strategies you’ll learn in Andreea’s four free training videos AND the strategies you’ll learn in her Product Marketing Breakthrough program.

Andreea already released Video 1 and Video 2 last week and got a lot of buzz. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to watch these content-rich videos.

In Video 1, Andreea shares:

- How she sold her first business in 2005 for more than $50,000, and then started a t-shirt company in 2007, where she reached 6 figure sales in her first year of business
- The 3 top mistakes most product-based entrepreneurs when trying to grow their product line
- The 4 KEYS every entrepreneur must know to have a successful product-based business

In VIDEO 2, Andreea shares:

- Highly effective strategies you can implement right away to create more income and specific how-to’s for each step
-The 3 essential marketing strategies for your website, wholesale accounts, and publicity
- The 3 top mistakes most product-based entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their product line
- Secrets to how she took her product-based business from less than nothing to 6-figure sales in just the first year – secrets she usually only shares with her private coaching clients

Andreea’s videos have received an overwhelming response and she’s gotten over 200 glowing comments about how the videos are not only inspiring people, but are motivating them to action! She’s also received positive responses on the easy-to-implement strategies she shares. You can see these comments under the videos by registering HERE

If you want to create the business and income of your dreams this year in 2013, NOW is the perfect time to get started. You can take the first step by watching Andreea’s videos and learning some great strategies that will take your business to the next level – all for free!

Wishing you a successful 2013!

P.S. – Here’s what others are saying about Andreea’s free video series:

‘WOW… everything that you posts on the video are super important information to implement in one’s business in order to be successful. Applying thesestrategies……like…yesterday! thanks Andreea! It looks like the breakthrough marketing course is almost a necessity…” – Louis Valcourt

“Thank you for another great video! I have already started to implement a few of these changes and am very excited to say that I answered a call out by a national magazine looking for new products to be featured in an upcoming issue using my new product description based on listing the benefits first and have already received a request for a sample to be sent to them to review! Very excited and can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to the next video and implementing even more of your techniques.” – Megan

“Thank you, again, Andreea! And thank you for actionable/proactive steps to implement! This “insider information” is simple to do, and you are clearing away the confusion of wholesale for me. I can’t wait for the next video.” – Autumn Davidson


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