Thursday , 16 July 2020
$500+ Social Media Design Templates Bundle for only $7

$500+ Social Media Design Templates Bundle for only $7


This deal has been SIX months in the making and it is one of the most awaited deals.

Rapid creation of social media content is critical to any business success.  Traditional model of creating social media content is by either hiring agencies or using a dedicated resource in house.  This takes time and money making it difficult to create professional looking content rapidly for social media campaigns.

We made it easy and simple! For six months, we researched the BEST SOCIAL MEDIA DISPLAY advertising that drives conversion for your business.

Meylah partnered with Handmadeology to develop the Turnkey Social Media Display Templates using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Now you can have BRAND NEW exclusive $500+ Social Media Design Templates for only $7. Enter Promo Code “SOCIAL7” for get your exclusive deal. This is available only for 48 hours!

Your social media goody bag includes::

·         Total 22+ social media design templates

o     5 Quote Templates

o     6 Customer Offer Templates

o     3 eBook Download Templates

o     4 Invitations

o     4 Webinar Templates

·         116+ icons

·         5 digital papers

·         1 powerful formula to activate sales funnel from social media

·         and learn how to create your mood board for social media images

This bundle was hand-crafted for

·          Authors

·          Retailers

·          Service Providers

·          Creative Business Owners

·          Designers

·         and anyone who creates content online

Use these assets for all of your personal or commercial work (just can’t be resold on its own).

This deal will pay for itself the very first time you use it and will continue to reap the benefits by customizing the templates for any use.

Get this deal worth $500 for only $7. Download the bundle on your computer forever! Enter Promo Code “SOCIAL7” for get your exclusive deal. This is available only for 48 hours!

Grab it HERE 

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