Thursday , 28 January 2021
$80 Reclaimed Wood Edison Light How-To

$80 Reclaimed Wood Edison Light How-To

$80 Reclaimed Wood Edison Light How-To

Tim here from Handmadeology!  I just wanted to let you know of a new series that we are going to launch called Handmadeology Home.  You will find DIY projects, recipes, and much more!  Be on the lookout for the new series and be sure to follow us on Instagram , Pinterest, and Facebook!

We started our kitchen remodel about a year ago, and with running 2 businesses, traveling there are still a few things left to do.  We have had multiple lights over our table and none of them have really fit our style enough to keep them.  We love the style of hanging Edison bulbs, but they sooooo expensive.
When we started the remodel we searched and searched for a “cheaper” option and decided to get some lights from Ikea and modify things  to get the look we wanted. Two days ago I was ready to start the light and  I found the lights from Ikea were busted and would not work…. blah!

Amazon one day shipping to the rescue!
I found this awesome light for only $76.50 (original price $258!!!)  All 10 light bulbs are even included.  Beware the light bulbs are more of an orangey tone to them, and we are going to swap them out for more white ones.

This will not be a full how-to, but I will share with you how I did what I did!

tools final words


electrical tape
tape measure
screw driver
voltage tester
utility knife
Lemon Essential Oil from Young Living - 5 of the 10 light sockets had stickers on them. I used the lemon oil to remove the sticky residue.
5/16 drill bit – Pre drill the holes for the drywall screws
drywall screws – I like using these for securing the reclaimed wood (10 inches wide by 7 feet long) to the ceiling cause they are black and have good grip.
spade bit – Drill a hole for the wires
wire cutter and stripper

This light took about an hour to install.  It is a very straight forward black, white, and ground wiring.  For the $76, this light is awesome and is well made!

$80 Reclaimed Wood Edison Light How-To

Below you can see the connectors for the wires. As you can see they are metal and the wires are covered in a nice cloth.



Here is the hub.



$80 Reclaimed Wood Edison Light How-To


$80 Reclaimed Wood Edison Light How-To


$80 Reclaimed Wood Edison Light How-To

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handmade reclaimed wood lighting

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wood lighting on etsy 

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  1. Lisa and Luke Janowiak

    This looks awesome good use of barn wood and amazon deals. Plus it goes well with your kitchen.

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