Tuesday , 17 July 2018

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Don’t let this happen to your Etsy business!

who owns fb crop

  Join me as I interview Lisa Jacobs from the Energy Shop. She shares  her story of how her Etsy shop was shut down, how she rebuilt her shop, and how her biz is now thriving more then EVER! Watch the webinar replay  HERE: ::a note from Lisa::: When your business disappears for twenty four hours, you have a lot ... Read More »

What Did the BaBCB Course Mean to You?

Overall, I think I gained knowledge and open mindedness. I gained the courage to reach out and take chances that I know I would never have taken had I not taken this course. I gained the ability to read through a lot of the crap that is out there being offered and get to the important stuff. Read More »

Who Really Owns Your Etsy Shop?

When your business disappears for twenty four hours, you have a lot of time to think about what's working and what's not. What was I going to do next? What I had going for me, and what was (and still is) missing? Where am I going to take this thing? How am I going to operate without fear that this could happen again? Read More »

Build A Better Creative Business FREE Webinar

I’ve been working with Lisa Jacobs  of Marketing Your Creativity for a couple of years now, but in December we scheduled our very first phone chat. After just a few minutes on that call, it became clear that our focus was similar, our vision for the creative community was the same, and our motives were pure.  {read over 50 articles written by ... Read More »