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What if you found out one of your items was on Regretsy? How would you feel and how would it impact your business? Would you stop creating or pack up your toys and go home? Would you question your creativity?

A Guide to Surviving Regretsy

Guide to Surviving Regretsy

NiftyKnits was featured on Regretsy, her items are adorable!

What if you found out one of your items was on Regretsy? How would you feel and how would it impact your business?  Would you stop creating or pack up your toys and go home? Would you question your creativity?

Well, it happened to me once (only once) and I’m still here to talk about it.  No one told me.  I noticed immediately my “Duck Ferry” assemblage went from a few views to several hundred, then to a thousand. I honestly thought I had made the front page of Etsy!  My Google Analytics jumped out of control and helped me solve the mystery. I eventually found my item on a Facebook discussion for Regretsy. At first I was in shock. It was more than a bit disheartening to hear the hundreds of comments and nasty remarks discussing my item. I will tell you the community can be a bit brutal. I wanted to cry…..but then a light bulb went off.

Soon my welled up held-back tears of sadness turned to joy.  I realized the larger scale of what was happening. Them poking fun at my artwork had brought hundreds, if not thousands of new visitors to my art shop. This is widely due to the large following Regretsy has. Thousands upon thousands of followers and readers. I realized, there are some who read Regretsy just to find the strangest and weirdest (and maybe a tad bit horrifying) things to buy.  Others (shoppers, bored housewives and even some Hollywood stars) frequent Regretsy. At the time my art shop was promoting a section where certain sculptures proceeds went to charity.

A week later, as the comments slowly died down on Facebook (they were already onto another find) and I sold a sculpture that I’d listed high for charity. Then I received a special order for another. I’m not talking small peas, I’m talking to the tune of a combined total of $1700.  Over $1200 of that was donated to charity. I began getting more hits and more sales on both of my shops, and nearly sold all the stock in my art shop.  I now only have one shop.

I realized this was strictly due to April Winchell putting me on her Regretsy site. Originally distraught, I was now thankful. I wrote April an email and thanked her. I told her at first I was really disheartened as I took a lot of pride in using recycled materials in my work. I realized however, thanks to her, two of my items sold for charity and her publicity directly resulted in those direct sales.

AbsolutelySmall’s pillows are a worthy feature of a Regretsy book.

I have learned that being on Regretsy can be a huge asset to your business.  I have also learned that April is a real live person with a big heart who has used this “Regretsy” outlet to raise over $100,000 for charities.  She also protects the integrity of some items on Etsy.  For instance those that are mass produced (and pawned off as handmade) or vintage items on Etsy that aren’t really vintage.  For example, once she posted a “vintage i-phone” that someone was trying to sell on Etsy.  Many Etsians saw the post then reported the item as it was not at least 20 years old. It was quickly removed by the Etsy community.

So if it happens to you, here’s some thing to think about and consider before having a fit or breaking out the Kleenex:

AutumnWindDolls has the right outlook.

Strategy Guide & Fact Book to Surviving Regrestsy:

Do not cry or fret, as your horrific stardom is only temporary.

You should not take your item down, as it has good chances of selling!

Do not get upset, though the comments can be harsh remember, it happened to me and you are not alone.

Remember that any publicity may eventually turn to good publicity, and more traffic.

Look at the glass half full and toast your product vowing to make your next one a bit better and “Have no Regresty.”

FACT: The Regretsy Site is currently holding at a page rank five, so links to you can help big-time.

FACT: Tbe Regresty Facebook has over 100,000 followers.

FACT: The Regretsy Twitter Account has over 23,000 followers.

FACT: There are Regretsy books!

Read about April, how she donates to charity and how she started the site here.

Over $103,500 in charity has been raised (as of December 2009) by April & Regretsy Community read about it and find updates HERE on their charity page.

If I survived, you can too!

I’m proud to be different.


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  1. I have wasted my time checking out Regretsy twice.Doubt if I do that again! The site could be a good thing. Why mess it up with vulgar language when it is not necessary?

  2. Good for you! Thanks for sharing your experience! This is a terrific attitude to take, and I’m so glad that the exposure lead to sales for charity from your shop.

  3. I used to follow Regretsy on Facebook and on their site but the cruel comments and vulgar language turned me off the site completely. I don’t mind some good natured ribbing towards some of the more uh, “creative” items on Etsy, but it seems to me that the site attracts people who only wish to be as rude and crude as possible.

    That said, I have heard of shops that have done great business after having been featured on Regretsy.

  4. I love Regretsy. I wouldn’t mind being featured- the site is funny and clever and if you really follow it you’ll discover it also has a lot of heart.

  5. Where did you get the “I survived Regretsy” badge? I had my mushroom hat end up on Regretsy facebook page a year ago and I am still getting views from it. I have it as a tag on my listing! The comments were pretty funny I thought – but I think they were more directed towards what I was ON when I decided to make a mushroom hat. My sweet, cute, innocent mushroom hat! Leave my mushroom hat alone!!!

  6. I, too, was featured on Regretsy last year… and while some of the comments were rude and hurtful, many of the viewers fortunately recognized that my artwork was meant to be funny!

    That particular piece of art was a subtle parody of Britney Spears. ;)

    People “got” it, hehehe, and I sold copies… and one buyer has since become a repeat customer. :P

    I think the comments of the Etsy community can potentially be more hurtful (than April’s viewers), because many sellers dismiss *all* Regretsy items as “poorly made crap” that “gives Etsy a bad rap” and deserve to be called out.

    Speaking as someone who takes pride in the quality of her materials, I found the forums’ threads to be brutally unfair.

    My work isn’t crap, it’s just cat crazy! LOL

  7. @Barbara and @Stitches–I hear you and yes it can be brutally harsh, Some of the work featured is not “g” rated in fact lots of body part items are X or Mature, that in itself a bit vulgar …@Tressa, I made the badge and I love your mushroom hat! @Tarafly I’m glad to hear about Britney. I also agree some art is off the cuff and when speaking art and artist, whose to judge us ?

  8. When you put yourself, your art, your writing, etc. out on the internet for the world to see, you’d better be able to take criticism. Constructive and otherwise. Regretsy has done way more good for Etsyians than bad and Regretsy has certainly helped in charitable donations to needy crafts people.

    The author of this post has a brilliant attitude!

  9. Thanks for sharing my meerkats, Cindy. Like you, I was upset at first – but an Etsy team-mate soon told me to make lemonade from those lemons! I now consider regretsy the best thing ever to have happened to my shop, big thanks to April for giving me such great exposure on the site and in the book. Congratulations on your own success!

  10. Bravo to you!! I love regretsy and would LOVE to be on it ;-) April is awesome. If you want to participate in the April’s Army charity shop, please do so. It’s on Etsy under the shop name aprilsarmy. Go to the April’s Army FB page for the deets peeps.

  11. I must spend too much time in my studio producing my Art, I had never even heard of Regretsy before.
    I just spent 10 minutes laughing out loud at some of the items I saw and comments I read on the posts. I wasn’t interested in anyones hurtful comments, but I do think this site is a good place to see what items are not so HANDMADE.
    I will definitely visit again!

  12. You are so correct – a Regretsy plug is one of the best things that could happen to any seller! I’m glad to hear that you were able to pull up your big girl panties and make the best of it!

  13. They say any publicity is good publicity & it seems to be true. There’s one famous instance of a seller who had a giant knitted chain scarf featured on Regretsy as kind of a hipster fail, now she is regularly featured on the front page of Etsy & seems to be doing really well. Products often fly off the shelf after being featured. I like looking at the site & all the fun & strange things. I’m not a fan of the truly nasty comments, but the good natured ribbing can be fun to watch.

  14. One of my items was featured on Regretsy. Already a big fan of the log, I thought it was AWESOME! I immediately chimed in about my excitement in the comments and was heavily rewarded for my “good attitude.” I thought the things they said about my item were mostly hilarious, and the rude comments were all incorrect anyway.

    I got a crap-ton of views, blog followers, and a couple of sales. I am not a member of the Regretsy community, and I LOVE it! It is one of the most supportive, fun, loving online communities I have ever been a part of.

    So happy it happened.

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