Friday , 23 August 2019

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How to Get More Feedback and Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Lori had it right when she talked about making a good impression in one of her posts here on Handmadeology. One of my customers once told me, “I need that warm and fuzzy feeling when shopping.” We all know open communication with your buyer is key, as is shipping in prompt time frame. Their “overall shopping impression” will set the ... Read More »

A Guide to Surviving Regretsy

What if you found out one of your items was on Regretsy? How would you feel and how would it impact your business? Would you stop creating or pack up your toys and go home? Would you question your creativity? Read More »

Creative Reuse: Holiday Decorations & Package Tags on a Budget

Creative Reuse: Holiday Decorations & Package Tags on  a Budget You don’t have to spend lots of money on supplies to make fancy package tags or ornaments this year, because you probably have the materials laying around your home.  What otherwise may end up in the trash can easily be turned into a fun and creative project for yourself or ... Read More »