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Backup Your Etsy Shop With Backtsy

Backup Your Etsy Shop With Backtsy

Backup Your Etsy Shop With Backtsy

Hello Etsy sellers, Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship here.  Let me introduce you to the people behind one of my favorite apps for Etsy sellers – Backtsy.  I’ve used Backtsy for my Etsy shop since March 2015 and love the service and benefits it provides me.

Q: What is Backtsy?

A:  Backtsy enables you to automatically save (backup) your Etsy listings and shop information…and if ever needed, restore your shop from the saved data.

Backtsy lets you sleep soundly knowing that changes you applied to the shop (whether intentional or not) can be reversed accurately.

Backtsy is like an insurance policy for your Etsy shop.  You’ve invested so much time an energy – don’t risk your work being lost forever.

Q:  How did you come up with the idea to create this service for Etsy sellers?

A:  Sigal has been selling in Etsy since 2011 and we noticed she repeats many operational tasks over and over. In addition, when we wanted to back up the shop for our peace of mind, we understood that the existing Etsy backup option is limited (only saving the text of the shop) and manual (adding a task on top of everything else you do).

sigal shop (1)

Q:  Who’s behind Backtsy?

Backtsy Noam & Sigal

Noam Zakai:  Has developed software products for over 20 years – the thing he likes the most is creating and planning software products.

Sigal Friedlich Zakai:  After 10 years of working as an internal auditor, Sigal opened her Etsy shop in  2011 and is the proud owner of SigalFjewelry

Q:  What types of Etsy sellers should use Backtsy?

A:  Profitable Etsy sellers that can’t afford to risk losing all their work if the unthinkable were to happen.  Backtsy is not a sexy app, but it is a practical and functional app that actively manages business risks.

New Etsy sellers that are rapidly updating and setting up their shop initially.

Etsy sellers that are making changes to their shop on a monthly basis.

(Note from Jason:  I view Backtsy as a type of protection for my Etsy shop against the unknown.  Etsy is rented land for my business and constantly having the most up-to-date backup of this data gives me peace of mind that all my years of work don’t disappear in an instant.  I like that the backups happen automatically without me having to do anything.  We already have enough items on our to-do list, manually backing up my Etsy shop is not the best use of my time.  I believe Backtsy is for Etsy sellers that are serious about the long-term success of their business.)

Q:  Is my data safe with Backtsy?

A:  Yes.  The data is saved in Amazon’s Cloud (the biggest cloud provided in the world) and in DigitalOcean (www.digitalocean .com). Both service providers keep the highest standards of security and are industry leaders that are respected for their backup capabilities and security.  Backtsy does not save any information that is not available in Etsy.

Q:  What are the benefits of using Backtsy?


  • Backups are complete and automatic.  No work for you.  Etsy recommends backing up your Etsy shop and even provides a manual way for partial backup – but their solution saves text listings only, it does NOT save images and other shop info.
  • Protect against the unthinkable.  Etsy has very strict policies and when they suspect foul play they can (and will) suspend your shop – in this case you will lose access to all your shop data.
  • Opps! Mistakes happen.  Look, we’re only human, errors happen. If we delete an item or modify an item by mistake we need to recreate it from what we have on our PC. But are the descriptions we saved and used or pictures that we think we used really the ones we used…?
  • Etsy SEO tweaks not working?  Hit the “undo button”.  Tagging or modifying a listing descriptions in order to improve your listing’s position in Etsy can sometimes result in a loss of traffic to your listing.  Simply revert to the previous version of the item.
  • Price Revisions.  Quickly revert pricing after discount
  • Diversify your backup locations.  Our PC’s hard disk is not 100% failsafe, while laptops can also be easily lost/broken/stolen.
  • Peace of mind against unrecoverable loss.  Lastly, but by no means least, backing up previous shop listings will bring peace of mind. You invested all that time, that energy and all those emotions in setting up and maintaining your shop. Knowing that even if the worst scenario happens to your shop, a simple “restore” is just a mouse click away -greatly reducing any stress and aggravations.


Read more about 7 Reasons to Backup Your Etsy Shop.

Q:  What are other Etsy sellers saying about Backtsy?

A:  Michal of Amichy Etsy Shop


“I started using Backtsy just before the last Christmas sales in my shop. During the changes I made to my listings I made a fatal mistake and if I didn’t have the ability to recover it from backup… It would have taken me hours to rebuild the listing! I recovered it very easily and had a great experience.

I also used the backup files as reference when changing tags back after the holidays and that was a life saver. The product is great, very easy to use and the actions are very informative, letting you know when backups and recoveries are done. Backtsy allows me to make changes without worry and it is of great value. Highly recommended!”  -Michal of Amichy

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A:  Efrat of Efratul Etsy Shop

3 (1)

“I’ve been using Backtsy for a while now, and I think it is very important for every shop owner. It helps me keep all the details of my items in one place, together with a folder of all the photos from my shop. Several times I tried to make some changes on my listings, or I had a sale on my shop using etsy on sale, and Backtsy helped me reverse all the changes I made and get my shop or my listings back to the latest backup.”   – Efrat of Efratul

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“Using Backtsy is a simple, safe, and smart business decision.” – Jason Malinak CPA of


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