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If you have been on the fence about joining an Etsy team, or maybe you are like me who thought I would never join a team. Try challenging your fears and look into and apply to a team.

Benefits of Joining an Etsy Team

Crowd 41- 8 X 10 Print

Crowd 41- 8 X 10 Print | by: SydnorWorks

Benefits of Joining an Etsy Team

I have never been the “join a team” type of person. I am an introvert and have trouble asking for help unless I am in a perilous situation. I was selling my handmade jewelry in my store, Your Daily Jewels, for about six months.  I should say, I was  “not selling” on Etsy for this time. I kept reading how sellers were quitting their day jobs and everything they did to achieve this. So, following their suggestions, off I ventured into blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting and a lot of other activities I had never before considered. Sales were still slow, (on a good day.) Discouraged, I decided to try shaking it up one more way. I threw caution to the wind and applied and was accepted into the Jewelry on Etsy Team, on
The Jewelry on Etsy Team, (JET), is the premier organized group of jewelery crafters and sellers on Eighty seven woman and one man make up this eclectic, cohesive, and very active group. Led by a Captain and three leaders, the JETs promote together, support, and educate each other; and laugh together on their forum that runs twenty four hours a day with their international membership. The JETS hold contests, special promotions, and friendly competitions all year long. The JET leaders keep an alphabetical list of members from which they choose a daily, “Jet of the Day,” or JOD, to celebrate. On your JOD day, the entire team promotes you on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Kaboodle, Style Hive, Treasuries and more. There is also a feature written  just for your store that day on the JET  Blog!
The JETs accept new members several times a year, but they do have a waiting list. Once you join, you start as a Jetling. In other words, you are assigned a mentor who helps you with all aspects of Etsy and the JETs. Smartly, the JETs require members to participate in the forum from time to time. This is great for me, otherwise my shyness may keep me from really taking part. I am still a Jetling and I could not be happier that I took a chance with a team. I have made local friends and friends from all over the world, my store looks more professional, my photos are so much better, and my prices are higher. All due to the community of JETS. Sales are great for me on most days, and on the slow days, the JETs keep my spirits up.
If you have been on the fence about joining an Etsy team, or maybe you are like me who thought I would never join a team. What is they say is the definition of crazy? Oh yeah, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Try challenging your fears and look into and apply to a team. There are hundreds of teams focused on anything you can think up as a common interest.  I bet you will find one that betters your Etsy experience. You may end up like me, now I am on three teams!
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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about how great teams on Etsy can be! I’m so proud of the JETs and all we do to help each other! Thanks for being a fabulous member Norah!

  2. Teams really are a great way to make Etsy not such an isolating experience. The support and knowledge learned are just 2 wonderful aspects of the JETS and being part of an Etsy team in general. Great feature and we’re glad to have you on the team!

  3. Nowadays, when there are teams for every little thing, these well-established teams like the JET team are even more important for that “community feeling” that so many of us love about Etsy. Great article, Norah!

  4. Awww, What a Fantastic feature on our Team.

    **Passing you your Diploma**
    Congrats, you have graduated to “Jet”! You
    make our Team even more Awesome!!

  5. Being a team member of the JETS is like having a second family. Such support and advice is shared between everyone. Welcome Norah! We are so grateful to have you on the team.

  6. Enjoyed your article! Being part of a community via a team on etsy is so helpful for making a great experience…thanks for featuring JET, of which I am also a member.

  7. Norah,

    I enjoyed reading about your experience and can really relate! It’s a great way to cooperate with other Etsy sellers — especially if you’re introverted!!

  8. What a great article! Glad to hear that your sales picked up too:)

  9. Very well written! I can honestly say joining a Etsy team was one of the best decisions I’ve made since being on JET team is definitely like a second family to me and I’m honored to be member of it.

  10. I love that there are teams out there that encourage one another. I’m on 18 etsy teams and I have tried to engage and participate in some of the promos they have but I have not benefited from it.

  11. I look forward to joining a team that is encouraging to it’s members and supports them as well. I belong to one team that seems to have more rules than activities and a lot of cliques as well.

  12. I look forward to joining a team that is encouraging to it’s members and supports them as well. I belong to one team that seems to have more rules than activities and a lot of cliques that seem to keep you from being a part of the group.

  13. Thanks for this post. I was not aware that this team existed and am now anxious to become a part of it!

  14. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of something you love to do with people who share your passion. We can never have too much support in life, no matter what we are pursuing. I am so happy you feel part of something that will make you reach up at times when you feel like laying down. Congratulations on joining the JETs!

  15. It is nice to see someone moving forward to their goals by for one, joining such a “team”. Your description of your journey makes me feel as though I can do it also. Thank you for taking the time to give others struggling to get a foothold some hope.

  16. awesome post!

    JETS are fab!

  17. Teams can be very supportive & helpful, thanks for pointing this out. There can be members of teams, just like in any group, that are not team players, there more to advance their own means than for helping each other, but in general, teams are a great place for learning, mutual support & promoting each other…

  18. I agree with you that joining a team is beneficial. I learned so much by joining a Treasury making team, and it’s made me a better seller. This is what I wrote on my experience:

  19. I am so glad that I FINALLY joined two teams. I was invited to one and joined another. I researched and found the teams that are right for me. I love them and being part of a team has changed everything for me in the Etsy community. The communication and learning process is amazing. Plus, I am able to pay it forward now. I just sold an item today. I have to attribute present sales to my updated shop due to communication with my Etsy Teams.

  20. Very enlightening article. Good to know since my sales are non-existent. I think I’ll apply to the JETS (not the football team!)

  21. ClayLickCreekPottery

    Joining the Etsy Mud Team was the best move I made after creating my shop. I’ve learned so much from the group and we support each other in our online endevours.

  22. I applied to this team before I read this. Hope I get accepted.Thanks for the boost for “we who have sold nothing” types! Is it me or my product type, dona

  23. The print by Sydnorworks I featured in one of my early treasuries. I love this artist’s work!

  24. Hi Norah, enjoyed your article! I’m having trouble getting to your store. The link is not working!

  25. I know I need to do this, but have been putting it off… I think it’s time.
    Thanks, Norah :)

  26. Yes, teams do give you a lot of support!

  27. Great post! I’m new to etsy, and am starting to join teams now.. thanks for the info!

  28. Thanks for this article, just came across the JET team before reading this and wasn’t sure if it was all smoke and mirrors… good to hear you’ve had a good experience. I’ll apply once I have more inventory.


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