Sunday , 24 June 2018
Blog Giveaway Traffic Cycle

Blog Giveaway Traffic Cycle

Last week I covered a bunch of topics you can write about on your blog. I mentioned giveaways and how they can drive traffic, to your blog and shop, and can result in paying customers and returning readers.

Today we are looking at the Giveaway Traffic Cycle. We will cover specific ways you can harness the power of a giveaway!

Giveaway Traffic Cycle

First. You want to build some social proof on your blog.  Comments are the best and fastest way to get this done.  Right off the bat, require your participators to leave a comment on the giveaway post on your blog.

(giveaway 1)

Second. Let’s get those people into your shop.  The easiest way is to make the comment they leave be about your shop.  Ask them to go visit your shop and pick out their favorite item and leave a comment, telling why they like the item along with a link to your item.  This does to things for you.  First, it generates awesome traffic for your shop, and secondly it gives visitors to your blog some links to click on that lead to your shop.  Think about this, if Sue is going on and on about one of my necklaces in the comments, then most likely others will want to check out what she is talking about. The giveaway traffic cycle has started!

Third. You want to spread the word about your giveaway right?  Why not have your participators do it for you?  For requirement number two have them share your giveaway post on Facebook , Twitter, or even their own blog.  You have to give them some options, because not everyone is set up with these sites.

(Giveaway 2)

Fourth. Here is where you want your participants to subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed.
Your readers are there on your blog for a reason,  they are reading your content, and in this case they are there to participate in a giveaway.   The best way to let your readers know that you are posting new content is to provide them a place a subscribe.  This can be done through a RSS feed or through a newsletter.


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  1. Awesome tips, thanks Tim!
    Implementing these now…

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