Wednesday , 25 April 2018
Handmadeology is on a mission to find the best of the best! Etsy sellers who are just emerging on to the scene, is our target for our new Break Out Series. Tune in each week to see the top 10 new Etsy sellers straight from our Facebook Fan page.

Break Out Series – Top 10 New Etsy Sellers

Handmadeology is on a mission to find the best of the best!  Etsy sellers who are just emerging  on to the scene, is our target for our new Break Out Series.  Tune in each week to see the top 10 new Etsy sellers straight from our Facebook Fan page.

Top 10 Etsy Shops With Less Than 100 Sales

This week you will find an amazing mix of art, jewelry handmade purses and much more.  Spanning across the United States from Hawaii to the East Coast, these Etsy sellers all have under 100 sales, but are well on their way to reaching that mark!

{1} Leaf Print Shoulder Bag

{2}  Natural Leather Luggage Tag w/Orange Racing

{3} High Wheel Arial 1872 Bike

{4} Soap, Lip Balm & Soapdish

{5} Pleated Madison Bag in Black and White

{6} Black Lava Round Stone and Brass Whimsy Necklace

{7} Winter White Snowflake Knit Hat

{8} Original Acrylic Painting on 12 x 12 Canvas– Mod Pods

{9} Alphabet Cool – 25 Personalized Teacher Note Cards

{10} Rinzai Big cowl neck warmer cream merino wool

Want to get your Etsy shop in the running for the Break Out Series here on Handmadeoloy?

Here are the simple steps:

1. Leave a comment here on this post telling us what your favorite shop was from this week.  Be sure to leave your Etsy shop link.

2.  Share on Facebook, Tweet, bookmark, or blog about this weeks featured shops.

Why go to all this trouble? The Break Out Series is designed to expose these new shops to more shoppers.  By helping us spread the word, your are helping these new sellers. 

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  1. My favorite shop is Betsy & Bess. We share the same passion for creating unique accessories out of upcycled materials.

    Check out my etsy shop…

  2. I really love the simplicity of the bike print from almostmonday. My Etsy shop is

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my leaf print bag! I’m honored!

  4. NOT a new seller, going into my first year, but this Christmas certainly felt like a Break Out for me.

  5. NOT a new seller, going into my first year, but this Christmas certainly felt like a Break Out for me.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  6. Love the snowflake knit hat. Simple and classic. It’s a keeper!
    Good luck with your shop.

  7. My favorite shop was Stitched & Stones by Merilee. A shop’s banner gives a strong feeling and first impression. Her banner demonstrates the feel of the product nicely. The font is pretty, but still legible. I got a nice first impression of the product and the artist, and am also left with a feeling of clarity. I feel refreshed.

    I make garter belts and lingerie.
    My shop is:

  8. Wow, such a sweet surprise to see my Mod Pods painting on here! Mahalo from Hawaii!

    All great shops on here– I love the leaf print shoulder bag!

  9. I love all of the items especially the pleated handbag and the cowl neck warmer.

  10. My favorite this week is #10 – TRACCE. It’s cold here in Kansas today and her knitted and crocheted items look inviting.

    I create jewelry

  11. My favorite shop is hard to choose…you did a great job!I gravitate towards Mod Pods. I like little art pieces that can bring a room together with accents plus they are small enough to move around our place when I need a change of scenery!

    Of course, they would look great next to our Butterfly Mobiles in a nursery.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. My favorite shop is “StitchesStones”
    Love the hat and all her accessories!

  13. What a great idea, love all of these sellers!

  14. My favorite is Tracee, #10. I am also a knitter, and appreciate all the handwork involved! She also uses wonderful fibers. My etsy shop is

  15. It’s great to see all these breakout shops! Can’t wait to see more!

    My favorite this week is #6, such great jewelry!

  16. My favorite shop is StitchesStones. Love the cozy snowflake hat. My etsy shop is

    I love these breakout shops!

  17. I love the leaf print shoulder bag from betsyandbess *and* the photography. Ahhh I really, really need to work on my photography.

  18. My favorite shop this week is the FlutterbyNotes~ Their products are soooo cute! X3 and I’m a sucker for cuteness!

    I also like the labyrinthherbal’s soaps and poshpursesboutique (am a sucker for bags also..XD) and I do love the simplistic cuteness of AisletoAlohaStudio paintings~

    I shall feature them on my blog Wednesday this week~ :) (htt://

    My shop is:

    Thank you~ :3

  19. I love Besty & Bess’s work! I work with 2nd hand clothing to make bags and accessories, too, and I love to see what other folks are doing in my field. Also, the shop has great photography! I’ve been struggling with mine and often check out other bag sellers for ideas…this site was fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
    My Etsy shop is at:

  20. My favorite shop is a south Louisiana Cajun lady who makes really unusual clothes. I think she would be delighted to be chosen. She makes clothes from doilies.

    My shop is

  21. That lava rock necklace is very nice. I love the textures and simplicity.

    My shop is

  22. TAGSMITH is my favorite. The shop is original and the quality looks amazing

    my shop is

    I’m relatively new as well and trying to “break out”

  23. #8 AisletoAlohaStudio is definitely a new favourite for me. I love organic patterns and they have some stunning work

    My shop is

    2010 was my first year truly making a business out of what i love to create :)

  24. I love PoshPursesBoutique and I ADORE that black and white purse.

    My shop:

  25. Love both the bags – I just can’t resist bags, LOL.

  26. Loved the Maddison Bag in black and white.

    My shop is

    Relatively new but no sales yet

  27. A lot of those are cute! I like the Posh Purses #5

    my shop link is

  28. i just discover with a big surprise that my shop it has been included in this wonderful selection.
    thanks a lot to you, and to all the people that liked it.
    wich to all a marvellous 2011.

  29. I am so honored to be included in this fantastic selection as well! Thank you so much and what a great way to start the New Year! My favorite is the pleated Madison Bag in black and white, I just love it!

  30. Lovely goodies to start the new year! I need to step up my game.

    My shop:


  31. the shop i liked best from this week was: – it’s nice to see unique jewlery out there!

  32. I like Winter White Snowflake Knit Hat from StitchesStones the best. I caught my eye first. Not sure if I qualify as new, but my shop is

  33. My favorite is #8.. They have amazing simple but chic paintings. I would love to own some of them.. They go perfect with my style!

    My shop is Chloe’s Collars

  34. I like number 8! Mod Pods, and the shop was so fresh and inviting! I want to wallpaper my house with their art ♥

  35. I absolutely love the neck warmer!

  36. My faorite is the big Cowl Neck Warmer! I t is cold here and that looks warm and comfy, and beautifully made!

  37. I like them all too…. hard to pick a favorite.

    Shop #6 – the lava necklace – is pretty cool.

  38. Wow – So excited to find my shop here! Thanks for the shout out! I really thought the luggage tag was beautiful leather work. All of the items are great.

  39. I love them all-great to see work done in so many mediums-my shop is at

  40. Oh my! I didn’t know I had been listed here! Thank you so much!
    They are all so different and great! It’s hard to choose!

  41. My favorite shop is Almost Monday!!!!
    She does such good work!

  42. I love #3 Almost Monday’s shop! The prints are fun and playful yet sophisticated at the same time. I can appreciate the various mediums shown as I have tried my hand at a couple of them and know they take a skillful hand and experienced knowledge to produce this level of work!

  43. great idea! my shop is White Forest Pottery

  44. My favorite is the soap gift set! Love it!
    My shop is:

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