Tuesday , 17 September 2019
This new course has the best of the best in our community stepping up to the plate to seize their full potential. I can hardly wait to get down and dirty with this amazing group! Where have you guys been all my Life?!

Build a Better Creative Business Course FAQ’s

Build a Better Creative Business Course FAQ’s

Hey, it’s Lisa Jacobs here, and as you probably know by now, Tim and I just launched the Build a Better Creative Business course. I’ve gotta say, Tim and I are blown away by the sheer volume of interest already!

We introduced the course briefly at the live webinar earlier this week, and a gorgeous group of people were signed up within the hour.

I can’t even tell you how proud I am of the people who are making this leap into bigger, better business with us. Earlier this year, I made a vow that I wasn’t going to invest my time and efforts into anybody who wasn’t willing to invest in themselves. As I’m getting to know the people I’ll be working with for the next few months, I’m absolutely floored at how my promise to myself is coming true. You’re making MY dreams happen!

This new course has the best of the best in our community stepping up to the plate to seize their full potential. I can hardly wait to get down and dirty with this amazing group! Where have you guys been all my Life?!

That said, today’s post will address some frequently asked questions we’re getting on the course. Thank you to everyone who participated in the webinar (or watched later), and for taking the time to send us your thoughts and feedback.

Will there be shop critiques and feedback?

Absolutely. My coaching packages start at $199, and that’s just for the hour, honey! However, I have blocked my schedule for the next six weeks. Consider me booked. I am at your service!

In addition, Tim and I will be co-hosting two live mastermind sessions with private group coaching and brainstorming: think solution-generating magic.

How is the course timed? Can you go at your own pace?

The first class went live on the password-protected website on February 4, 2013. They’re presented every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (Again, these classes are in text format, written out like an in-depth, direct article on each topic we cover.) The last class is released on March 16, 2013.

We know we’re unloading a ton of information and resources, but we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. You can explore the classes at your own pace. Your “session” ends April 30, so you have three full months to process the information, gather all of your tools and resources, and get the support you need.

Will there be a private group? Will we be able to connect with each other?

Definitely. Personal, honest interaction is a priority for the course. We’re going to build networking groups so that you can connect with and support each other.  Right now members can join out private Facebook group and we even have our own forums in our members area where you can ask questions and interact with the community.

This sense of community is something I deeply desire for us all. There’s an intimate connection that comes from working together. As we are all very individual business owners, it’s a comforting support system that we’re often lacking.

I already follow both you and Tim [by blog]. Why would I take the course?

Tim and I both loved this question so much during the webinar, that we jumped in and spoke all over each other to answer it! Tim explained that he’s hasn’t gone this in-depth with any group before. Ever. He’s ready to show you the behind-the-scenes of his business, and he’s going to share his trade secrets for the very first time.

I want to tell you about the difference between public information and a course like this. Take for example, a free webinar. Free webinars are held to (priority #1) promote the host, and (priority #2) help the listeners. On the other hand, mastermind sessions or private webinar group coachings are held for ONLY ONE reason: to help the group build a better creative business. Period.

To put it bluntly, free information is typically watered down and dragged out. Yes, I write a blog, but what’s  a blog? It’s more of an ongoing conversation than an end-all, be-all answer. I’ve also written books and e-programs, but what’s a book? It’s a set of points and lessons to back your subject … books are typically a lot of words that cover one topic very thoroughly.

These classes are short, direct, advanced instruction and take-away actions on very specific subject matter. It’s like the difference between the cash in your wallet and a brick of solid gold. Both are currency, but one is much more valuable than the other. The fact of the matter is, nobody gives bricks of gold away for free!

Thank you all so much for your interest, and please let me know if you have any other questions! 

For more information or to sign-up, please visit our website:

Build a Better Creative Business

 Check out this insider video Tim did this week!  


Here is what a few of our members are saying!!

” Hi Everyone, thanks for all the great information shared, this has been a great course for all that have participated, and I can attest to some really incredible insights results that have directly impacted my creative business this week alone. (Increased fan base, more email newsletter subscribers, information on photography and how to increase exposure all around, not to mention my personal reflections on how to improve my collections through more refinement and targeting a more specific market). Did I mention this is only week one so far?? I highly recommend taking this course if you want to build a better creative business and then of course IMPLEMENT the nuggets of wisdom and strategies shared.” Jodi

“First week was full of information for us. A lot of just small things that I didn’t have any idea were available to us and things we should be using. Looking forward to week 2 and learning more.” Colleen

The ‘thing’ that pushed me to take this course was watching the webinar…a friend of mine recommended you and Tim, so I checked it out and evaluated whether I wanted to invest less than $100 to grow my business. The answer of course was ‘yes!’ I’m SO excited about beginning this journey and no matter how busy I am, I NEED to do the work here!–Anita Van Hal


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