Tuesday , 17 September 2019

Build A Better Creative Business FREE Webinar

I’ve been working with Lisa Jacobs  of Marketing Your Creativity for a couple of years now, but in December we scheduled our very first phone chat. After just a few minutes on that call, it became clear that our focus was similar, our vision for the creative community was the same, and our motives were pure.  {read over 50 articles written by Lisa over on Handmadeology HERE}

I have been in the creative business since 2007, and have grown my Etsy shop and built Handmadeology. I am a published author on the subject, and my wife and I have built our creative careers around our life together. We’re living the dream!

As for Lisa, she didn’t enter the scene until 2010, but she has made fast friends with the community and more than 3,000 sales in two years. Beyond that and because her shop brings in more than $30,000 per year, she is in the 1% of top-earning storefronts on Etsy.com.

When Lisa and I got on a call together, we emphatically agreed that other creative entrepreneurs should be able to experience much of the same success. It’s 100% do-able. And since we have the experience and passion to teach the skills, insight, and information you need, we’ve decided to combine our efforts and show you the way.

In the next week, we are going to unveil everything we’ve been building. If I do say so myself, what we’ve created so far is AMAZING. When we told other industry bloggers and creative entrepreneurs what we were working on, they jumped on board to offer an abundance of their expertise. But, I’ve already said too much. I’ll share all of the details with you very soon.

For now, I wanted to let you know that you’re invited to a free, live webinar hosted by Lisa and myself. Lisa will be discussing how to build a solid foundation for your online storefront, and I will offer my expertise on social media and product promotion in this exclusive session.

Join us on Tuesday, January 29 at 7PM EST. This FREE webinar is being held on a first-come, first-served basis as it will be over-booked. Click here to reserve your spot, and be sure to show up early to Build a Better Creative Business webinar! Until then and all the best!   We will be recording this live event, but you have to register to get access to the recording.


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  1. I am not able to sit in on the webinar. Will there be another time it will be offered? I would love to attend but it is just not possible.

  2. My first webinar. Pretty fun and informative!

  3. I didn’t get this until this morning, Wed. Jan. 30 because it came to my inbox late. If you plan on offering another one, let me know.

  4. I also received the email after the webinar – not sure why.
    Please let me know if the recording is made available.

  5. I didn’t get it until January 30 @5:29 AM EST.
    I would be interested but need time to slot it in and obviously rsvp.
    Thank you for all you do and this generous offer.

  6. Did not get this notification until this morning, Jan. 30, and I did check my email late last night. Will there be another, and if so, perhaps a bit more notice….


  7. Sme here. Got email to late.

  8. Was this a mistake being that we just received the email this morning?

  9. It was a great fun to be part of it. Some points taken and worked on… thank you, Tim and Lisa for such wonderful tips in how to make it work!

  10. Thanks to those of you who made it, and for those of you who missed it:


    This links to the recording :)

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