Thursday , 16 July 2020

Blogging Tips

1500+ Blog Ideas For Any Niche

1500 blog ideas

You will never run out of blog ideas and post topics with this ongoing list!  Here are a few of the top blog posts I found while browsing Pinterest Today! Be sure to come back, as I will be adding to this list weekly! 121 BEST BLOG POST IDEAS FOR EVERY LIFESTYLE BLOGGER IN 2020 237 Blogging Ideas For Starting ... Read More »

How to Land a Feature on the Etsy Blog

how to get featured on Etsy's blog

How to Land a Feature on the Etsy Blog If you’ve read Tim’s awesome Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan, then you know that guest posting can be a great way to grow your Etsy business. Earlier this year, I was featured on the Etsy blog sharing 10 Podcasts to Help your Business Thrive. The feature led to hundreds of new email subscribers, more ... Read More »

Never Run Out Of Blogging Ideas

There can be great benefits to keeping up with a consistent blog and building up a gradual loyal following. But what about when you don't know what to write about? Here are some go-to ideas to use when you're feeling stuck: Read More »

8 Steps to Creating the Perfect Craft Tutorial for Your Blog


There is something inherently generous about sharing your knowledge or talent with others, and in the craft world, that generosity is often rewarded by a loyal blog following. But it's not just an effective way of building an audience. Having a few ready-to-go tutorials stored up is also useful for those days when you're all out of blog inspiration. Read More »

Blog Giveaway Traffic Cycle

Letterpress Blog

Last week I covered a bunch of topics you can write about on your blog. I mentioned giveaways and how they can drive traffic, to your blog and shop, and can result in paying customers and returning readers. Today we are looking at the Giveaway Traffic Cycle. We will cover specific ways you can harness the power of a giveaway! ... Read More »

How to Get More Blog Post Readers (Immediately!)


How to Get More Blog Post Readers (Immediately!) You might write better than Edgar Allan Poe on a bad day, but that doesn’t mean you can just slop words onto a page and expect to be flooded with readers. Aesthetics matter more than you might realize when it comes to whether or not your blog posts will get read. In ... Read More »

The Process of Blogging


Just read, write, be yourself {it is your blog after all}, be polite...even when you don’t feel too polite and listen. They will come. There is no prize for the most followers. There is no big win. It's all a process. A fun process, but still a process. Read More »