Sunday , 24 June 2018

Blogging Tips

5 Minute Traffic Boosting Blog Post Ideas for Etsy Bloggers

Let’s face it blogging can sometimes be difficult when you are just not sure what to write about.  You always want to make sure you are engaging your readers with content that they want to read.  Figuring out strong topics can be a challenge and will leave you frustrated.   Like I always say , “if you are not enjoying your ... Read More »

Let Your Readers Share

You might have noticed in the last month or so the addition of the little “like this on Facebook” tab at the top of my blog posts and the at the very bottom of the article you notice a little bar with the Facebook, Twitter, and other buttons? Click here… then scroll down real quick. I’ll wait. See it ? ... Read More »

How to Create a Custom Favicon for Your Blog

So, you’ve noticed that your website still has your webhost icon in your address bar- and you’d like to change it pronto. You’ve also noticed that in your list of bookmarks or favorites there are cute little icons next to each. So how do you get one of those cute little icons for your own website or blog? At this ... Read More »

Interview with Bonnie From Going Home to Roost

I had the great privilege of interviewing a handful of awesome bloggers from the design scene for my book How to Make Money using Etsy.   Here is the interview with Bonnie from Going Home to Roost. Bonnie Forkner 1. Tell us a little about yourself. hello lovelies! my name is bonnie and though i was born and raised in ... Read More »

Submitting Your Work To Blogs

I attended a bunch of session at The Summit of Awesome -a three day crafty conference held in Portland, OR a few weeks ago. I was fortunate to meet Kim Werker from Mighty Ugly and Jena Coray from Modish. They co-led a session on how to submit your work to blogs. When you submit your work to mainstream magazines, keep ... Read More »

Crafty Links – Social Media Pains – Photo Editing

Hi! Since the holiday shopping season is in full swing, marketing tips and ideas are even more important. That’s why each and every week I scour the interwebs and gather the best tutorials, tips, and other helpful links to help market your handmade arts and craft business. In addition, I’ll post links to cool crafts I’ve seen, and blogs I ... Read More »

E-Bookology – The Formula For a Killer E-Book

When I first heard the phrase “give your best stuff away for free” somewhere online, I thought that was crazy.  Why would you want to work your butt off creating stellar content and then give it away?  If you give away your best stuff, what is there left to sell and actually make money with?  The second phrase, which is ... Read More »