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December 2011

Handmade Twitter Blueprint – Free 7 Day Ecourse

  Have you scoffed at the idea of using Twitter?  Do you think you’re too old to learn a new technology application?  I hope to make Twitter so easy to learn that even a Grandma or Grandpa can learn to use it. (Although I’m not a grandparent, I am 48 and know quite a few grandparents on Twitter!)  For the ... Read More »

Grab Your FREE 2012 Etsy Sales Goal Tracker Spreadsheet

A new year is right around the corner. In the last quarter of 2012 we have focused on goal setting , taxes, and creating a business plan for your creative business. The Handmadeology Team wants to help you with your Etsy goals and help you keep track of your Etsy sales. We have developed a simple yet powerful Sales and ... Read More »

Top 1000 Handmade Etsy Sellers of 2011

Here are the top 1000 Etsy sellers in the handmade category for 2011.  Each shop link is clickable, so have fun checking out all these great shops! Rank Name Sales Country 1 beanforest 54600 United States 2 AndersonSoapCompany 41644 United States 3 TheBlackApple 37751 United States 4 norajane 32630 United States 5 berkleyillustration 30346 United States 6 happyfamily 28706 United ... Read More »

Marine Corps + Computer Guy = Woodworking Guru

Marine Corps + Computer Guy = Woodworking Guru Phil’s art is custom woodworking out of his shop, close to Metamora, Illinois (which is ironically in Woodford County.) He was formerly trained in avionics (aviation electronics) while serving in the Marine Corps. If you look closely, you can see Marine Corps memorabilia and jet aircraft photos decorating his woodworking shop. He ... Read More »

Must-Do 2012 Financial Resolutions for Etsy Sellers

Must-Do Financial Resolutions for Etsy Sellers The New Year is the perfect time to clean up the financial side of your small business.  There is no better time to start managing your finances than the beginning of January, because it is a time of “new beginnings” and for practical tax, legal, and bookkeeping considerations. Get Your Taxes in Order January ... Read More »

Why Etsy Sellers Should Exhibit at Trade Shows

  One of the questions I hear most often is whether exhibiting at trade shows is still worthwhile. The answer is definitely. Attending one of the thousands of trade shows happening across the country every year is still the best way to meet new customers face-to-face and get your product on their radars. Trade shows give you a direct line to ... Read More »

Terrarium How-Tos and Ideas

Terrariums are a great way to bring a little green inside during these cold months to come.  Here are some unique ways to build or purchase your own terrariums!  Each pic is linked to the original post on Pinterest where you can find out more about each one… Enjoy!           Read More »

7 Ways To Wrap Up The Holidays

7 ways to wrap up the holidays As the holiday season comes to a close it may do so with some stress and much needed restoration. As a business in the thick of holiday madness this is your best and most dreaded time of year–The love and thrill of the quickness and heightened sales but also the drain of having ... Read More »

8 Simple Steps to SEO (Info-graphic)

SEO or search engine optimization is the best way to drive traffic to your blog from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  The info-graphic below defines 8 simple steps for optimizing your blog for search engines.   Proper SEO can drive traffic to your blog everyday and will help grow your creative business.   Some of the above principles can be applied to your Etsy shop. Understanding Etsy SEO: ... Read More »

Top 30 Etsy Business Articles Of 2011

  2011 is just about to come to a close.  Over 1,200 articles were published right here on Handmadeoloy in 2011 alone.  Over 2.5 million visitors stopped  by in 2011 to learn about running a creative business, check out awesome handmade and vintage items, and to see what the next coolest diy project has been posted.  I have put together ... Read More »

The Ultimate Goal Planner – Free Download

I’ve got something great for you today! The new year is just around the corner & it’s that time of the year when we all start thinking about planning, prioritizing, & setting goals for ourselves. But you know what? January is NOT the time to start this! You need to be ahead of the game & start working on your ... Read More »

Don’t give cookie-cutter gifts!

‘Hey Handmade – Gift Guide’ by handmadeologybiz Don’t give cookie-cutter gifts! Give handmade and vintage gifts! CHICAGO BUS SCROLL – Subway … mercantilemill $199.00 Swarvoski Crystal 2X AB Neck… WhimsyBeading $30.00 Original Fine Art Deep Sea 8… rostudios $40.00 Art Print For Children- City… UrbanTickle $30.00 Turquoise Blue Lampwork Bead… fatdogbeads $37.00 Glitter Clown Fish Paperweig… ArtisticWill $27.00 Necklace, ... Read More »

Interview: A Charming Hint of Success

Interview: A Charming Hint of Success I’ve been admiring Beth’s work at Hint on Etsy for several months now. Her talent and good intentions seem to shine in each of her handmade charms. She writes an intriguing blog titled hint jewelry, where it becomes obvious that she takes great care and pride in everything that she does. She generously shares ... Read More »

Paper and Fabric Garland Ideas for the Holidays

Garland is a great way to spice up any room. It is a quick way to  add a pop of color or get a quick message across to all the guests that will be visiting this holiday season.  Here are some holiday garland  ideas just in time for your next get together. 1.  How to make your own Christmas decorations  ... Read More »

Etsy Tips – Relisting Power 2:1 Ratio

Library Card Notebooks by CampfireDesigns. Many of us have Etsy shops, and “Relist” items frequently. Some of you may even use automatic relisting services. I wanted to tell you some things I did this year with my re-listed items because I’ve noticed a big difference in their sales ratio by making small changes. I do Etsy part time and this ... Read More »

The Top 100 Canadian Etsy Sellers

  Here are the top 100 Canadian  Etsy sellers by sales numbers.  Each shop link is clickable, so have fun checking out all these great shops! Rank Name Sales Category Sub Category Country 1 craftisland 110351 Supplies Canada 2 clbeads 103899 Supplies Canada 3 doubleangeldesign 85226 Supplies Canada 4 BobbiThisnThat 78888 Supplies Canada 5 thebeadyeye 71981 Supplies Canada 6 MimiLoLo ... Read More »

Etsy Marketing Tips – Reaching Customers On YouTube

  Have you ever used YouTube to promote your Etsy shop, product, or website? I’m sure you’ve heard others mention this tip to you, but today I’d like to really point out the benefits of it.  If you aren’t,  maybe you should. If you are, maybe you should think about how to expand to using YouTube to promote several areas ... Read More »

Hand Crafted Jewelry, Make A Fashion Statement

  Hand Crafted Jewelry, Make A Fashion Statement When it comes to making a fashion statement, the least effective way to do it is to simply grab whatever everyone else is wearing right off the shelves. Are you going to make a statement, or just chant along with everybody else? Hand crafted jewelry can be exactly what you’re looking for ... Read More »