Monday , 20 October 2014

Etsy Marketing

15 Holiday Promotion Ideas

retro christmas cards collection final

The holiday shopping season is upon us. You now have less than 2 months ’til the big day, and even less than that if you are considering the crafting and shipping times in-between. That means, if you want to make sure your products are at the forefront of your customers’ minds, you’ll need to push some clever promotions to tip ... Read More »

Consider This Before Opening A Second Etsy Shop

opening a seond etsy shop

Because I frequently make mention of the fact that I juggle 4 Etsy shops in addition to my website and other selling platforms, I am often asked by fellow handmade sellers if it would be a good idea for them, too, to open up more than 1 Etsy shop. The not-so-simple answer is, of course, it depends. There are a ... Read More »

Never Run Out Of Blogging Ideas

  Blogging is a great way to promote your business, build your brand, and boost your SEO rankings. There can be great benefits to keeping up with a consistent blog and building up a gradual loyal following. But what about when you don’t know what to write about? Here are some go-to ideas to use when you’re feeling stuck: _________ ... Read More »

Four Tips on Managing Your Creative Time

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Four Tips on Managing Your Creative Time Rule No. 1:  You are NEVER going to get it all done.  Let’s face it:  our to-do lists are longer than a country mile.  We want to do this, buy this, make that, design this, research that, tweak this.  Unless you’re super-human (you aren’t, are you?) you need to face the cold, hard ... Read More »

Creative Product Marketing Strategy for 2014 – 4 Part Video Series

pmb vid

If you’re a creative business owner with a product line such as apparel and accessories, fashion, bath and beauty products, baby and kids products, or any other product, I’d like to tell you about a really great video training series. My friend and Handmadeology writer Andreea Ayers of LaunchGrowJoy has just released a FREE four-part video training, called Product Marketing Breakthrough, ... Read More »

Let Your Customers See Themselves in Your Products

  When browsing through a rack of dresses at the mall, I’m going to consider how I would look in each one. I wouldn’t buy a dress just because it’s a pretty dress. I would buy a dress because it makes ME look/feel pretty when wearing it. Shopping on the internet is no different. Customers need to be able to ... Read More »

How to Spend Less Time on Social Media

If you are running a business, big or small, you’re supposed to promote the crap out of it if you want any sales. The more you promote, the more smartly you promote, the more your business will grow. Duh. We KNOW Megan. Moving on. Online social networks are a great way to reach new customers and fellow professionals to build ... Read More »

Increasing Your Facebook Fans is Great, But What About Sales?

10 Etsy sales & 183 new fans in my first week using Fanpageology! Here is one more Fanpageology success story . . . Siri, of SiriousDesigns creates handcrafted artisan jewelry for women and men – selling on Etsy for about one year.  Here is her experience with Fanpageology: “When I signed up for Fanpageology a few days ago, I didn’t ... Read More »

STOP Trying to Sell to Sellers | Focus on Off Etsy Marketing

  One of the great things about Etsy is its community atmosphere. It’s unlike any other website I have been a registered member of. This can also come with a bit of a downside, as the members of this community are also there to sell their handmade products and/or vintage items. It’s tempting to try to sell to one another, ... Read More »

4 KEYS to a Successful Creative Business

  If you are an entrepreneur with a product line, you won’t want to miss Andreea Ayers’ FREE four-part video training series: “Product Marketing Breakthrough.” Andreea’s latest video, VIDEO 3, is now ready to view. To see this and Andreea’s other videos, register HERE. In this video, you’ll meet a few successful Product Marketing Breakthrough members who are creating the businesses ... Read More »

Cyber Monday Connection 2012

Welcome to the Cyber Monday edition of the Monday Connection! Today we want yo see your links and your cyber Monday deals.  Post them here in the comments and over on our Facebook Fan page and over on our dedicated Pinterest post HERE. Be sure to like, share, pin and tweet as much as you can so everyone can get ... Read More »

Monday Connection 10\3\2012

  MONDAY CONNECTION: Time to post your links and connect. Post your shop, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog. Ready….SET….GO!! Head over to our Facebook Fanpage and post your links!     Read More »

The Truth About the Snowball Effect | Tips For Etsy Sellers

When you are starting a business people tell you there will be a snowballing effect. Be patient, success will come. You just gotta give it that good initial shove, and then once the sales start rolling in they will multiply, right? Well……. sort of. There IS a snowballing effect, but what they DON’T tell you is that the course you ... Read More »

Facing the Facebook Facts

If your Etsy business does not have a fan page on Facebook you are missing out on the unique opportunity to connect with your customers.  Your customers are on Facebook, and they are looking for your Fan Page to get more information about you and your business.   They are looking for things like how active and up to date your ... Read More »