Friday , 31 October 2014

Facebook Tips

3 Critical Changes to Your Fan Page Timeline

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If you have not heard, Facebook is making changes to your fan page timeline once again.  The changes started to roll out back in March.  There are 3 critical changes that you can prepare for now before your page switches to the new layout. #1 Make Adjustments to Your Cover Image This is the biggest of all the changes you ... Read More »

11 Ways to Help Your Fan Page Thrive

We all want a thriving fan page!  We are always looking to get more fans, more interaction,  more traffic, more leads,  and more sales. Below are 11 proven  techniques you can implement that will help your Facebook fan page thrive! 1. Don’t Forget Multimedia Content These days, so much of what is posted and shared on Facebook is multimedia content in the form ... Read More »

DON’T Pay for Likes for your Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook Fraud – Looks like Facebook’s as revenue is based around fake likes The Handmadeology Facebook fan page has over 44,000 fans and I have NEVER paid for likes.  I have grown the Handmadeology following organically, which means our fans are engaged! Here is a screen shot from the Handmadeology fan page insights: As you can see most of our ... Read More »

Creative Ways for Your Brand to Stand Out on Facebook

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As a creative business owner there is no doubt you want your Facebook Fan Page to draw fans in and keep them there.  You also want your images to match your brand and at the same time be crisp and clear. This article will help you get creative with your new Facebook timeline layout.  You will find exact dimensions to ... Read More »

Fan Page Tips – Turn On Similar Page Suggestions

  If you are running a small business you need to have a fan page on Facebook for that business.   Running a fan page can be tricky with all the settings  Facebook has.  Here is one setting that you will want to have turned on . Similar Page Suggestions. With this option turned on your fan page will be suggested ... Read More »

Learn how to get more fans, comments, and likes on Facebook.

We all know cute little cats get all the likes and comments, but how can we get more interaction from our fans? I just put this video together that explains how to get more interaction from your fans and how to get your posts found in the news feed. Here is the video:   If you want to REALLY ... Read More »

Simple Tips and Tricks to Help Your Fan Page Thrive

This downloadable spreadsheet looks at your Facebook fan page and reveals how your marketing efforts are performing in 5 key areas. ·         Do you want to grow your fan base? ·         Are you providing interactive content for your fans? ·         Is your fan page driving results for your Etsy shop? ·         How well is your fan page building your brand? ·         How creative are your ... Read More »

Etsy Facebook App – Fanpageology Launches This Week

  What is Fanpageology, and how can it help my creative business? Fanpageology connects your Etsy shop to your Facebook Fanpage with the ability to create customizable tabs that will take your Facebook marketing to new levels of effectiveness. Fanpageology provides you the tools you need to increase your fans that are targeted customers and connect with them in ways ... Read More »

New Etsy Facebook App Lets You Add a Treasury to Your Fan Page

Fanpageology, the newest Etsy Facebook app just launched this week! 94% of Etsy sellers use Facebook as the primary marketing method for their Etsy shop according to a survey of 600 Etsy sellers. The top two concerns with Etsy and Facebook are: How do I increase the number of my Facebook fans? What should I share to connect with my ... Read More »

New Facebook Fan Page Cover Image Rules

Facebook has updated its rules for fan page cover images, removing rules against calls to action, contact info, references to price, or purchase information. The one major rule that remains is the 20% limit for text overlay. Here is the new rules for cover images:  Facebook Fan Page Guidelines    Cover All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your ... Read More »

Facebook Announces the New Design of the News Feed

Facebook announced Thursday it is giving its news feed a new look and feel. The launch of the new news feed represents the first major overhaul of Facebook’s core service. “The news feed is one of the most important things we’ve built,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during the press event today.   “How we’re all sharing is changing and the ... Read More »