Sunday , 25 September 2016

My Etsy Story

My Etsy Story – Misha Girl

I have learned so much since I launched my shop on Etsy. Narrowing it down to the top 3 I'd say merchandising, promoting and customer service have been the biggest learning curves. Read More »

My Etsy Story: ersimarina

Think carefully about who you are and what you really want. Don't give in inch by inch to the pressure of being who you are supposed to be so you can become a successful seller. Read More »

My Etsy Story : Murmur Fremo

There are so many things I've learned since being on Etsy! Packaging, marketing, social media, SEOs, taxes, pricing, photographing my art, and even how to simplify my artwork to make it more cost-effective. Read More »

My Etsy Story : mukibubb

mukibubb 1. Tell us your Etsy story.. how you got started in your craft and how you started selling on Etsy. My mom is a quilter and my dad’s a photographer. I grew up in the 1970′s Sacramento art scene living a very tactile, visual childhood. The term “maker” is huge now, and it sums up who I’ve always been. ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Kaboogie

Joining Etsy has cemented what I already knew about business from my other experiences. There is a market, a niche for everything, and our job is to find it. The bigger the market, the stiffer the competition. Be DIFFERENT. Make them try to copy you. Read More »

My Etsy Story : Glowgirl – 6,000 Sales

I have learned there is so much to learn! You need to work SO hard to get your product seen, to turn interest into sales and to keep up with all the technology you need to know to accomplish that. I take none of my success for granted and work every day to better myself as a human and as a self employed business owner. Read More »