Monday , 20 October 2014

My Etsy Story

My Etsy Story – Silver Leaf By Dana


Silver Leaf By Dana Hand Forged Sterling Silver Jewelry I love to create, I especially enjoy working with recycled sterling silver, and argentium silver wire. My true passion is to make classy, comfortable & stylish jewelry for everyday wear. I feel great satisfaction from the thought of making a piece of jewelry that expresses a woman’s true spirit. It all ... Read More »

My Etsy Story – Design a Wreath

Design A Wreath When I was a little girl, my older sister sewed all of her own clothing and taught me to sew as well. I was in 4H and made my clothes all the time. I really loved sewing and being creative. My sister taught me short cuts and how to make my items more unique. As the years ... Read More »

My Etsy Story: Enzie Shahmiri Designs

My Etsy Story: Enzie Shahmiri Designs 1. Tell us your Etsy story.. how you got started in your craft and how you started selling on Etsy. I opened my shop in 2006 and planned to sell custom made portraits and oil paintings through my shop. A logo was designed and the store filled with beautiful paintings and then I sat ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Jessica Reiss Photography

   Jessica Reiss Photography 1. Tell us your Etsy story.. how you got started in your craft and how you started selling on Etsy. I have always loved photography but never realized how much until I received my camera as a birthday present from my husband a few years ago. I immediately began taking pictures. I learned how to use ... Read More »

My Etsy Story – Misha Girl

  I’ve been working with leather for over 15 years and got into it because my husband used to work with leather making beautiful masks. He taught me how to work with the material and for years I made gift items which I’d mainly give away to friends. One day, about 4 years ago I had the idea to try ... Read More »

My Etsy Story – Stoic Design

My husband and I run Stoic Design, where I create and he designs. He is a Graphic Designer by trade, so he designs all the images on our canvases. I graduated with a degree’s in Advertising and Art, and I created our first vintage paper canvas about 2 years ago. I had already been selling a small amount of jewelry ... Read More »

My Etsy Story – Little Note Crafts

  Little Note Crafts 1. Tell us your Etsy story.. how you got started in your craft and how you started selling on Etsy. I started knitting when I was about 14. I picked up a DIY scarf kit at Target as a neat gift idea for a friend. Needless to say, teaching yourself to knit is much harder than ... Read More »

The Next Chapter | Quitting My Day Job | Jenna Sue Design

  Today was the last day I’ll ever work as an employee. And I want to share my story. Three years ago, I graduated college with six figures in student loan debt and a wake-up call that maybe I had made the wrong choice. I wasn’t doing what I loved. I was in an office all day, generating thoughtless “art” ... Read More »

Lumpy the Christmas Coal – Plush Felt Pet Rock Tutorial

You’ll want to be “naughty” this year if it means Santa will bring you one of these little lumps of coal: Guest post by: What. No Mints? Just picture those eyeballs peering over the top of your stocking Christmas morning … Cute right? Today I am going to show you how you can stitch up your very own one-of-a-kind Lumpy!  ... Read More »

Beantown Handmade – Dog Sweaters and Hats, Pet Apparel and Accessories

Beantown Handmade is home of high quality handmade dog sweaters and dog hats, cat sweaters and accessories for all your furry (and hairless) friends. Every item in our shop is handmade with care in our Nebraska studio, and we design our original apparel with your pet’s comfort and warmth in mind. Handmade Portraits: Beantown Handmade from Etsy on Vimeo.   ... Read More »

Crafting Space – Koroneczka – Etsy Poland Team

I am so happy to present you great artisans from Poland and to give you a look into their crafting spaces I will continue the great work of Jagienka, who started this series. This month we will take a look into Anna Crafting Space. Anna is the owner of KORONECZKA etsy shop (Koroneczka in Polish means “Little Lace”). She also ... Read More »

My Etsy Story: ersimarina

ersimarina 1. Tell us your Etsy story.. how you got started in your craft and how you started selling on Etsy. Believe me I’m serious when I say that I got started in my craft before I went to kindergarten. My mother was a desperate witness to that. Desperate, because I used to draw and paint on any available surface: ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Spackle The Gap

Spackle The Gap 1: I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t creating something or making something. I fell in love with photography the first time I picked up my dads slr camera. Coming from a family of photographers and artists it was inevitable that I was gonna follow the same path. 5 years ago I decided ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Murmur Fremo

  Murmur Fremo 1. Oh, I’m a crafter from way back. Before the introduction of the internet the only way to market yourself was to set up a table at a seasonal craft shows and/or drag a box of your samples to a shop owner and try to convince them to buy some for their store. I’m a very shy ... Read More »

My Etsy Story – charmed design

  My Etsy Story – charmed design My name is Lori and I am charmed design. My first bracelets came into being as something constructive and positive to do while recovering from a  sudden and life threatening illness. Two years ago this June, I woke to find myself in the intensive care unit  with absolutely no knowledge of how I ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : mukibubb

mukibubb 1. Tell us your Etsy story.. how you got started in your craft and how you started selling on Etsy. My mom is a quilter and my dad’s a photographer. I grew up in the 1970′s Sacramento art scene living a very tactile, visual childhood. The term “maker” is huge now, and it sums up who I’ve always been. ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Rhondas Originals

Hi, I am Rhonda. I have an Etsy success story! … Rhonda Originals I started selling jewelry and love potion bottles on etsy in October 2009. got a lot of compliment and was in a lot of treasuries, but I only got 20 sales in 8 months. But, one was for 25 custom love potion bottles for a wedding, so ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Kaboogie

  kaboogie Soft Soled Leather Baby Shoes, Eco friendly & Reclaimed I have never NOT been an artist or crafter. I have also never NOT recycled, repurposed or reused. It’s in my blood. I’ve remade curtains into bedskirts, into pillows, into bags, until the pieces are so small they end up as bits on Halloween costumes. I am the child ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Glowgirl – 6,000 Sales

Glowgirl How I Started: I suddenly lost a great corporate mgmt position just as the economy was turning. Quickly realized that a 50 yr old self taught finance and business operations overseer was going to have a tough time going up for jobs with younger, more qualified people. Bought a sewing machine to learn how to sew, wanted to learn ... Read More »