Saturday , 20 April 2019

Product Photography Tips

5 iPhone Photography Apps Worth Downloading

Guest Post By: Tom from Lately, I’ve become smitten with photography. Amateur photography, that is.  My photography bug began when I was in Ireland this past August where there were some incredible opportunities to capture beautiful landscapes. You can check out my Ireland photos here.  I didn’t take any expensive equipment with me, but only an iPhone 3G I ... Read More »

Product Photography Tip- Changing the Background

In one of my previous posts, I discussed the different options for editing your photographs. My favorite option for making an item pop is to change your background to black and white. Today I’m going to show you how this is done. It’s extremely simple. Believe me, if I can manage this, anybody can. Product Photography Changing the Background This ... Read More »

The Five C’s Of Product Photography

Good product photography is so important when selling on Etsy.  Kim Ludy of Trampoline on Etsy put together her list of the 5 c’s of product photography. Camera Clarity Composition and Crop Color Consistency You can find the article HERE over on Mint! Read More »