Saturday , 25 October 2014

Selling On Etsy

10 Real Tips For Successfully Selling On Etsy

  I have been selling my metal furniture, jewelry and trees on Etsy since 2007.  I have been there and done that and I am still selling!  (my shop) Through the years I have learned first-hand how to market my shop.  I have also been writing about selling on Etsy since 2008 and coaching Etsy sellers in every niche imaginable.  ... Read More »

5 Things I’ve Learned About Building Your Creative Dream

  5 Things I’ve Learned About Building Your Creative Dream Most creative businesses rev up all year long for the holiday season. It’s also a great time to reflect on your year and how you will do things in the next one. Although creative business has been a part of my life for a long time, this was the first ... Read More »

Tips for Selling on Etsy – Reaching Your First 100 Sales

  This week I made my 100th sale on Etsy! (495 sales) I didn’t know I would be so excited about it, though I did find myself watching my sales hoover around the 90′s for a week during a sales slump – when it finally happened I was, indeed, pretty darn excited. It really felt like I hit a milestone ... Read More »

3 Steps To Freshen Up Your Etsy Shop and Be Found Again

Guest post by: Fine Heart If you just realized that you have clicked your refresh page button for your Etsy shop for the 10th time within the last hour, it is time to do something slightly more productive to get your online shop found again. Here are 3 Tips to Help Freshen Up Your Etsy Shop and Be Found Again ... Read More »

How to Make Your Goals Achievable

  Operating a business is all about goals. Most often these goals center around reaching a certain point of success within a certain time frame. Such as, make 100 sales within the year, or make 2 sales a day. Or they are profit-oriented, as in: make $20 or more in sales a day. Goals centered around amount of sales made, ... Read More »

How To Find Customers Who Relish In Buying From You

How To Find Customers Who Relish In Buying From You The best kept secret to getting those customers who are yearning for what it is you create? Put yourself in their shoes. Of all the possible groups of people you know you can sell to who is it you most love? This customer is the one that thinks you can ... Read More »

Creating a Brand Identity for the Creative Business

  Creating a Brand Identity for the Creative Business I know the thought of taking time from your product creation process to work on brand development seems like something you just don’t have the time for.  Let’s face it, your product is your livelihood, and for a handmade business, if you take time away from making and listing products, you ... Read More »

What to do with Your Etsy Shop when Attending a Craft Fair

  Many artists and crafters with Etsy shops enjoy the occasional benefits of selling in person at craft fairs. However, there can be a conflict when selling online and at shows, especially if you mostly sell one-of-a-kind items. A common dilemma is what to do with your Etsy shop during that time, and whether or not it makes sense to ... Read More »

Etsy Marketing Tips : How to Get Your Work Featured on Blogs

Blogs can be the ticket for increasing exposure. Vintage tickets at Chrystelle. If you want to get your shop or product noticed, I think you should consider that in the beginning, any publicity is good publicity. I’m here to tell you not to underestimate the power of your peers. Getting featured on a blog is a free service often overlooked. ... Read More »

Marketing Your Etsy Shop: The Total Package

  DK Miller from TheShutterbugEye says I have had my shop for around two years but it was only this past summer that I became interested in making it work as a business. I have learned a lot about marketing in a short time from experience, from reading and research in addition to studying public relations and over the longer ... Read More »

How Much Money are You REALLY Making?

I have a confession to make. I’m not proud of it, I’ll admit. The fact that it was a surprise to me makes it even worse. My business did not make any money in 2011. I made the mistake of waiting until January (tax time) to sum up all of my totals. After ringing up all of my supply receipts, ... Read More »

It Looked Better in the Picture

Have you ever ordered something online that looked AMAZING on-screen only to be disappointed by how the item appeared in real life? This has happened to me before. Considering the massive quantities that I purchase online, such an incident is a rare occasion, but still worth elaborating. The key to selling online is excellent photography. You don’t just want decent pictures: ... Read More »

Etsy Pinterest Guide (Pro)

Pinterest is a newer social networking site where you can market your Etsy shop.  It is becoming popular very fast and is fun to use!  Oh , did I mention addicting! In this video lesson I will walk you through the important steps you need to know to successfully market your Etsy shop using Pinterest.  Learn how to drive free ... Read More »

Save Time By Automatically Renewing Your Etsy Listings

The developers over at have just released their Clockbot.  This new feature allow you to set up your Etsy listing to automatically renew. The Clockbot utilizes the Etsy api with the new secure OAuth system (read about the OAuth here) Here is a short tutorial on how to set this up! 1. Head over to and find the ... Read More »

Part 2 of How to Gain 100 New Customers this Month

  In part 1, I asked that you keep an open mind, because possibility and opportunity depend on it. I told you that I set an intention and created the affirmation, ““I have 100 new customers by October 31, 2011.” My previous belief had been that I gained approximately 10 new customers per month, so the new affirmation was a ... Read More »

How to Ride a Trend

I recently noticed a picture of Johnny Depp in one of the “Etsy Finds” promotional emails. He was sporting a leather cuff, and I got so excited! I wondered, does an Etsy shop make bracelets for Johnny Depp?! As I clicked through the link, it turned out that no, they do not. The listing was for a cuff “inspired by” ... Read More »

How to Gain 100 New Customers this Month: Part 1

How to Gain 100 New Customers this Month: Part 1 I ask you to come to this article, and everything you read about business, with an open mind. Take a moment to notice that your perspective of your small business is always askew—you’re simply too close to it, it’s personal, and you probably carry a lot of fear and negative ... Read More »

Etsy Gift Certificate Guide – 3 Methods

Etsy Gift Certificate Guide It took me many hours to figure out how to make gift certificates work through Etsy. I’d like to be able to offer my customers gift certificates, but how to do that? Here’s what I discovered after combing through the Etsy forums and looking at examples of other sellers. Creating the certificate wasn’t the hard part. ... Read More »