Friday , 31 October 2014

September 2011

Creative Business Branding 101 – How to Set Yourself Apart

  Branding is one of those subjects that can be very confusing for small business owners just starting out. Referring to business, when you here the term “branding” what comes to mind? A logo A style, look, or feel An ideal Yes! All of those things have to do with branding, & as a business you need to brand yourself! But ... Read More »

Etsy Shop Worst Case Scenarios

Etsy Shop Worst Case Scenarios It’s a painful fact of life that even when we do everything right, we often end up with unexpected results. Are you prepared for these worst case scenarios in your Etsy shop? In this series of articles I’ll take a look at the bad and the ugly and offer up some suggestions about how to ... Read More »

How to Write an Evergreen Blog Post

Guest Post by: Hilary Pullen Well here is my recipe for a fantastic blog post! I’m not sure who coined the term ‘Evergreen Blog Post’, but it’s a great way to describe a post that continually draws traffic to your site.  These are the die hard blog posts that stay in the top search engine results for specific keywords over ... Read More »

What would you do with $20,000 for your business?

  Ask us if we’re investing for our future, and many of us will say, “Yes!” Whether we’re saving for our dream home, our children’s college tuition, or our retirement, we plan ahead. We have personal goals and outlandish dreams, and we visit them often. But, how many of us have such a focused visualization of our business’ future? When ... Read More »

Why Do You Create? – For My Sweet Daughter

For My Sweet Daughter I have always created. When I was younger I would make clothes for our Barbie dolls out of socks and glitter paint. In high school I loved oil pastels, in college it was photography and graphic design. I am a nail technician so I get to create beautiful art on my clients nails but found jewelry ... Read More »

Give It To Me Straight – Truth in Business

Give It To Me Straight In art and in life, we often don’t want to hear honest criticism. However, when you are investing so much time and money in your craft, you want to get the most out of it. Learning to be objective with your work is an important step in transitioning your business from so-so to spectacular. Maybe ... Read More »

Quick Product Photography Tips – Make Do With What You’ve Got!

You don’t need a professional photography studio to get decent product pics. You just need a little ingenuity! North-facing windows have the best light for taking pictures and morning light is ideal. Set yourself up a little photo stage: I happen to have a goodly amount of white primed, stretched canvasses laying around the house (painting is one of my ... Read More »

How to Find Your Core Values

Last week, I mentioned that finding my top 5 core values is what inspired my newly rearranged workspace.  This week, I’m going to help you find out what YOUR top 5 core values are! Why? Knowing your core values can help you find increased meaning and direction for all areas of your life.  You’ve already got them and you’re already ... Read More »

Consignment Dos, Don’ts, and Must Knows for Creative Business Owners

  Selling at consignment shops can be pretty scary for first timers. Horror stories of how inventory disappeared or how monthly fees went down the drain and nothing sold circulate through many social circles. I have good experiences consigning, and I’d like to help you decide if consigning is for you, and how you can avoid mistakes and make the ... Read More »

Spotlight Feature : Minou Bazaar

minoubazaar Indian Inspired, Vintage and New Handcrafted Jewelry My name is Meenoo and I have been hooked to designing and making jewelry ever since I learned how to do my first loop. As an Indian-American, I have been always surrounded by amazing jewelry my whole life, worn for special occasions as well as everyday. I believe jewelry should be worn ... Read More »

How to not throw in the Etsy towel

How to not throw in the Etsy towel. Unfortunately it’s inevitable that at some point in an Etsian’s life that things just don’t seem to be going very far, whether its slow sales or you’ve only been open a few months and people are still not finding you very often. A lot of people go through a slow stage and ... Read More »

Daily Links : Creative Business Tips

  Today’s links all come from the Arts Business Institute.  The ABI offers  seminars that are designed to instill successful business practices in artists. How to Add Value to Your Art and Increase Profits Starting a Business? Build Your Creative Community How to Wholesale Your Work – Interview with Bruce Baker 20 Cheapskate Trade Show Booth Ideas Artist Profile: Stepper ... Read More »

Keeping Your Shop Relevant on Etsy: How To Get Found by Shoppers

Guest Article by: TrashN2tees I’m not sure how many of you keep up with Etsy changes,  there are many I admit. I might be one of the few who actually think *most* of them are moving towards bettering the etsy shopping experience. Except for removing the chat rooms… but that is a rant for another day. Over a week ago ... Read More »

The Breakdown With John W. Golden : Converting Views In To Sales

John W. Golden is a digital artist that has been designing since the 80′s.  John joined Etsy in July of 2006, and has sold over 10,000 items.  You can also find John’s work in Target!  The Breakdown series is a ongoing series that goes behind the scenes of John’s successful Etsy shop.   We will be looking at real questions from ... Read More »

My Etsy Story : Murmur Fremo

  Murmur Fremo 1. Oh, I’m a crafter from way back. Before the introduction of the internet the only way to market yourself was to set up a table at a seasonal craft shows and/or drag a box of your samples to a shop owner and try to convince them to buy some for their store. I’m a very shy ... Read More »