Thursday , 16 July 2020

Small Business Tips

Guest Writing Opportunity – People and Planet First

We would like to invite other Etsy teams to join us! This is a season when we can look past our differences and celebrate the ideals we hold in common. ArtisansGalleryTeam is a group of studio artisans with advanced skills and professional business practices who came together to share our support for the Handmade Movement. Although our team is small and exclusive, we recognize that our values are shared by many other Etsy sellers and teams. Read More »

Work Less, Be Happy!

I confess: I’m a workaholic. Everybody that knows me, knows this about me. But I’ve also learned the hard way how harmful it is for my emotional + spiritual + physical health to put in perpetual hold my extracurricular activities like my pilates class + going shopping with my mom + lunching with my girlfriends + etc. Now, no matter ... Read More »

Increase Your Network and Expand Your Exposure

The handmade movement is accelerating at a fast pace.   Hundreds of thousandsof people are signing up for  Etsy every month, and it is getting more difficult to get recognized.  One way to increase your network, get more recognition, expand more exposure, contribute to the handmade community, and build back links is to write guest articles for blogs. Lets break the ... Read More »

Worst Case Scenarios Part Two: Shipping Mix-ups

Huge Mistake Cross Stitch by FunWithNeedles Worst Case Scenarios Part Two: Shipping Mix-ups  (Part One) Last week I wrote about some undesirable or “worst case” scenarios you might bump into while running your Etsy shop: an unhappy customer or bad feedback. In part two of this series I’m revisiting a few shipping mix ups I made and how I handled ... Read More »

Do You Need Your Own Website If You Sell Your Items on Etsy?

Many crafters find some success selling their handmade items through an Etsy shop. Generally, crafters use Etsy because it's fairly easy to set up and sell their items without needing a ton of technical knowledge. It is a quick way to get your handmade items in front of buyers searching for handmade goods, but there are a number of pressing reasons why you should also have your own website. Read More »

How to Get More Feedback and Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Lori had it right when she talked about making a good impression in one of her posts here on Handmadeology. One of my customers once told me, “I need that warm and fuzzy feeling when shopping.” We all know open communication with your buyer is key, as is shipping in prompt time frame. Their “overall shopping impression” will set the ... Read More »

How to Find Your Core Values

When you’ve picked out your 5 most important core values, you’ll be able to pause before any decision and ask yourself if your choice is in line with what’s most important to you in life or not. Read More »