Thursday , 16 July 2020

Small Business Tips

5 Ways to Deal with the Business Chores You Hate

Woven Shaker Whisk Broom by: SkagitBroomWorks

Every business owner has a list of things he or she can't stand doing for his or her business. For some of us, it's accounting. Or maybe it's writing product descriptions. Or photography. Or Twitter. Or blogging. Or packaging orders. Or {insert the bane of your business' existence here.} Read More »

Sell More Jewelry In 2014 – FREE 2 Part Video Training


Tracy and Robin are back at it with Flourish & Thrive Academy! They just launched their 2nd video in a free trainings series. The first one taught the “4 Essential Steps” every jewelry designer needs to take to build a strong foundation for your jewelry business. If you missed it don’t fret, it is still live! Register HERE Their newest video ... Read More »

Creating Your DIY Business Plan

Diy Business Plan

After talking to many creative entrepreneurs, I quickly learned that I was not the only one with this problem. So I devised a DIY Business Plan, and have implemented it with both of my businesses. Before anything, I asked myself a few questions: Read More »

Top 10 Handmade Business Articles of 2013

2013 Top handmade business articles

    2013 was a year of growth for Handmadeology, with over 2 million visitors and 4 million page views!  I have put together a list of the top 10 most visited business articles from 2013.  These articles were all not published in 2013, but as you can see they were very popular! Top 10 Handmade Business Articles of 2013 ... Read More »

Meylah Needs Your Vote To Win $250K For Our Shop Local Campaign!!

As one of the biggest supporters of the Shop Local movement, Meylah has entered to win 1 of 12 Chase Mission Main Street Grants to help further our work for this most important cause for the  small business community!  We need just 225 votes to be considered for this amazing opportunity which would help to infuse $250k of additional funding into our work ... Read More »

5 Things I’ve Learned About Building Your Creative Dream

Here are five things I learned this year about building my dream. There really are more than five but these are the ones at the top of my list. Whether you are still gathering momentum, are in the midst of your best year yet, or are ready to evolve I think these will resonate with you. Five things I’ve learned about building your dream: Read More »