Thursday , 16 July 2020

Small Business Tips

Competitively Speaking, Think Abundance

There are currently over 269,000 open shops on Etsy and, I’m proud to say, one of those belongs to me. I’m Lisa Jacobs of the Energy Shop—a spirited little spot where I sell mostly bracelets. Jewelry is a crowded market on Etsy, but I’ve made over 800 sales this year. Read More »

How to be a walking, talking brand

How to be a walking, talking brand Have you ever cringed when someone asked you, “What do you do?” Even when I discovered work I truly loved doing and practiced how I would tell others the moment the spotlight was on me I froze! In these moments you have two options–one is to state your “role” in your industry such ... Read More »

Successful Holiday Price Point Strategies

This will be my fourth holiday season on Etsy, and I have learned a lot of valuable lessons during my tenure in the glitter-filled trenches. No matter how many times I run errands or order packing materials, I will always run out when I need them the most. Read More »

10 Things Buyers Are Looking For On Your Product Pages

When shopping online, your customers don’t have the luxury of trying on your products, touching them, feeling them or asking you questions about them. This can leave them unsure if they should purchase from your site. To make sure that your customers click the ADD TO CART or BUY NOW button, here are 10 things you must have on your product page: Read More »