Wednesday , 23 May 2018

Small Business Tools

$500+ Social Media Design Templates Bundle for only $7

meylah bundl2

  This deal has been SIX months in the making and it is one of the most awaited deals. Rapid creation of social media content is critical to any business success.  Traditional model of creating social media content is by either hiring agencies or using a dedicated resource in house.  This takes time and money making it difficult to create professional looking ... Read More »

Shop Fundamentals Q & A

Shop Fundamentals Q and A My first e-program, Shop Fundamentals launched November 8, and I could not be more proud of the results. The program has reached hundreds of creative business owners, and the feedback I have received so far has made my heart swell with joy. I’m very pleased that you’re all so pleased! I’ve taken the rest of November and ... Read More »

A Pep Talk on Self-Promoting

Go ahead—say it out loud: I am wonderful. Well, yes, I’m wonderful, too, but tell yourself you are wonderful. Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself one of those weird self-hugs. Affirm yourself, because most of the time, nobody else will. Read More »