Friday , 24 October 2014

Small Business Tools

Want to Expand Your Opportunities? Get Small to Go Big

  Want to expand your opportunities? Get small to go big Often when there is slow or no movement in a creative business, a lack of inspiration, or worse a lack of profit I see the business try to fix the problem by getting bigger hoping to capture something more. Getting bigger can look like more product types or high product volume, a ... Read More »

One Stop Resource Center for Creative Business Owners

As you know, here at Handmadeology we try to share with our community the best resources for building small businesses. We have been working closely with Meylah once again to put together a one stop shop for all your small business resources. From services, to ebooks and tools, you will find an ever growing list of resources in the new ... Read More »

Goals Written Are Dreams Achieved

  Setting goals and trying to met them should be apart of your daily business. Goals written are dreams achieved:  There is something to writing down your goals.  When you use a pen or pencil, you can touch and smell it and you are turning a thought into a physical object. Goal writing tips: 1. Stay positive.  The more positive ... Read More »

How I Built a Million Dollar Business Designing Jewelry

  How I built a million dollar business designing jewelry without going bankrupt, moving in with my parents or working at Starbucks for insurance (well one of those did happen) As I write this, I think back to many years ago when I was just starting out as a jewelry designer when I treated my jewelry business more like a ... Read More »

Shop Fundamentals Q & A

Shop Fundamentals Q and A My first e-program, Shop Fundamentals launched November 8, and I could not be more proud of the results. The program has reached hundreds of creative business owners, and the feedback I have received so far has made my heart swell with joy. I’m very pleased that you’re all so pleased! I’ve taken the rest of November and ... Read More »

Craft Show Manager – Now Available!

  Keeping track of your finances at a craft show can be complicated.  That’s why we’ve been working the past month developing the ultimate craft show solution to make your craft show season go so much more smoother! We know you don’t want to focus on finances while at the show, so our unique system has you enter in information ... Read More »

FREE Craft Cast Webinar | I Love Tools

Join me next week on Craft Cast’s FREE webinar! I will talking about Promotesy and how you can save time on all your social media marketing and spend more time creating!   MORE I Love TOOLS! It’s here again! Join me and my friends, Tim Adam, Debbie Carlton, Erin Harris, Patrik Kusek, Brenda Schweder, Hattie Sanderson and Wanaree Tanner, for ... Read More »

A Pep Talk on Self-Promoting

Good morning to all of you wonderful people!  Go ahead—say it out loud: I am wonderful.  Well, yes, I’m wonderful, too, but tell yourself you are wonderful.  Pat yourself on the back.  Give yourself one of those weird self-hugs.  Affirm yourself, because most of the time, nobody else will.  They’re too busy looking for their own affirmation.  Now, quit digging ... Read More »

Jewelry Business Manager for Mac Users

Beadia is a Mac OS application designed for the needs of a small handmade jewellery business. I started developing Beadia after looking for a suitable Mac application for managing my wife’s jewellery business. None of the available options we looked at were suitable – they were either Windows-only or just didn’t look like a real Mac application. And they were ... Read More »

Bookkeeping For Etsy Sellers Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!

  Etsy Bookkeeping Stinks!  Not anymore. . . Many handmade artists despise the administrative task of bookkeeping. . . this attitude stems from many  things: Too much math Too much discipline Don’t know where to start Too complicated of a system Inconvenience It’s boring Too expensive And thousands more! The best bookkeeping system is the one that you feel comfortable ... Read More »

Tax Time Special Offer – 2012 Etsy Tax Guide Package

  2012 Etsy Tax Guide We all know how complicated and confusing the tax laws can be while running a shop on Etsy.  Handmadeology has found a way to bring you financial peace–making sure your legal ducks are in a row! Handmadeology has obtained a special arrangement with a financial Etsy expert that has the answers to your tax related ... Read More »

What’s the Big Deal About COGS? | Etsy Seller Bookkeeping

  What’s the Big Deal About COGS? COGS stand for “Cost Of Goods Sold” and is a bookkeeping term used when filing taxes.  COGS is just another way of saying “the cost of the materials used in a product when you actually sell that product”. . . . think of all the different materials you use to make your product. ... Read More »

Handmade Bookkeeping Complete is Coming!

Handmade Bookkeeping Complete is Coming! We’ve been working this January and February to bring you the best bookkeeping solution for handmade artists ever made!  We call it Handmade Bookkeeping Complete. It is based upon the original #1 selling Handmade Bookkeeping Spreadsheet but with a facelift and a few minor tweaks to make your bookkeeping as smooth and enjoyable as possible. ... Read More »

The Handmade Bookkeeping Spreadsheet 2.0 – Making Tax Time Easy

    Tax time will now be made easy for any artist, crafter, or anyone that makes handmade goods.   This is a huge breakthrough in accounting by none other than Timothy Adam, creator of Handmadeology, (The Science of Handmade) website. Tim says, “When it comes to bookkeeping, we’ve heard the requests of our community, and developed a one product solution ... Read More »

Must-Do 2012 Financial Resolutions for Etsy Sellers

Must-Do Financial Resolutions for Etsy Sellers The New Year is the perfect time to clean up the financial side of your small business.  There is no better time to start managing your finances than the beginning of January, because it is a time of “new beginnings” and for practical tax, legal, and bookkeeping considerations. Get Your Taxes in Order January ... Read More »

The Ultimate Goal Planner – Free Download

I’ve got something great for you today! The new year is just around the corner & it’s that time of the year when we all start thinking about planning, prioritizing, & setting goals for ourselves. But you know what? January is NOT the time to start this! You need to be ahead of the game & start working on your ... Read More »

Spotlight Feature – AutoRelister

AutoRelister makes re-listing and renewing Etsy items easy and hassle free. With an intuitive, user friendly interface, sellers can now relist and renew items right from their Android mobile device. Sellers can now relist sold items automatically, without having to log into They can also view sold items and relist them manually, schedule items to renew at a specific ... Read More »