Friday , 11 July 2014

Social Media Marketing

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Etsy Sellers

etsy social media tips

  Social media has quickly become the place for creative business owners to promote their products and connect with their customers.   Social media marketing provides Etsy sellers the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers who love their products. It’s not a matter of if you do social media, it is how well you do social media that counts.  Social media ... Read More »

How to Spend Less Time on Social Media

If you are running a business, big or small, you’re supposed to promote the crap out of it if you want any sales. The more you promote, the more smartly you promote, the more your business will grow. Duh. We KNOW Megan. Moving on. Online social networks are a great way to reach new customers and fellow professionals to build ... Read More »

Monday Connection 7-2-2012

  Every Monday over on our Facebook fan page we hold the Monday connection, where artists and sellers can post their links and connect with like minded creative business owners. Stop by and post your links! Have a creative and productive Monday!     Read More »