Thursday , 23 May 2019
We just want to wish everyone a very awesome Christmas and Happy New Year!! Download your FREE Facebook Tracker below.

Christmas Gift From Handmadeology : Facebook Tool Download

We just want to wish everyone a very awesome Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Download your FREE Facebook Tracker below.


The Facebook Tracker ($8) is designed specifically to help make your social media efforts effective. If you track your progress, you can easily see what you need to improve. Social media is a powerful tool for your business, but it has many moving pieces%u2014use this spreadsheet to stay organized.

This spreadsheet has 5 features:

My Facebook Statistics- Each month you will type in 6 key pieces of data. From these key metrics, five additional ratios will be calculated automatically. Also automatically, 11 graphs will be created so you can see trends throughout the year. This spreadsheet can be used year after year. You will see what areas in your Facebooks strategy are working well and what needs improvement.

My Facebook Planner - This feature allows you to track and plan seven different type of Facebook activities and allows you to create a daily schedule to make sure you stay on track. The activities are customizable to your business needs. You can also keep track if you have completed these activities or they are still waiting to be completed.

My Facebook Goal Countdown Tracker - You should have a goal of how many Facebook wall posts to complete in a 1 year period. This feature allows you to create that goal and keep track of your progress toward completing it daily. Three graphs are updated automatically to encourage you towards completing this goal.

My Facebook Comparison Chart - There is a lot you can learn from others success (or failure). This feature allows you to compare your statistics with four other Facebook pages of your choosing after you enter in the data about their shop at any one point in time. 11 graphs make it easy to compare your Facebook success to others. By doing this, you should see some interesting trends and see some ways that you can improve your own blog.



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  1. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us all over the past year.


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