Monday , 19 August 2019
There are currently over 269,000 open shops on Etsy and, I’m proud to say, one of those belongs to me. I’m Lisa Jacobs of the Energy Shop—a spirited little spot where I sell mostly bracelets. Jewelry is a crowded market on Etsy, but I’ve made over 800 sales this year.

Competitively Speaking, Think Abundance

There are currently over 269,000 open shops on Etsy and, I’m proud to say, one of those belongs to me. I’m Lisa Jacobs of the Energy Shop—a spirited little spot where I sell mostly bracelets. Jewelry is a crowded market on Etsy, but I’ve made over 800 sales this year.

When I wrote my first post for the Etsy community forum about making 450 sales in my first three months of business, I shared all of my secrets and asked that readers remember that I am not the competition. I told the community, “I am always your friend. We have neighboring shops and we help each other, whether you realize it or not.”

When I wrote that post, I was using Facebook advertising to attract new customers, many of whom joined Etsy when they visited my shop for the first time. I saw my Facebook ads as a way to help my business and the selling community I was a part of. However, that logic sparked a debate between me and a reader who wondered: if I’m not trying to “outsell the competition” then why do I advertise in the first place?

If you and I were both shop owners at a local mall, and I advertised to draw people to my store, you would benefit. All Etsy sellers are my neighbors, and if someone comes to my door, it just so happens to be right next to yours. I don’t want to take your sales, but I do want to make sales. I told the reader, “To me, that’s like saying if you and I were fishing the ocean for dinner, we’re competing with each other. I don’t see it that way. I see it as both of us pulling from the bounty of the ocean.”

This is where we must be careful in business: erase those thoughts of scarcity. Ignore the reptilian-side of your brain that tries to shout, “If they have, I’ll have not!” I keep book author, Louise Hay’s lovely voice on my iPod and in my ear, and this topic reminds me of her saying that every thought we choose to think is an affirmation. When you say, “There’s only so much to go around,” that’s an affirmation, but a negative one, based on fear and lack.

As we are all human, we all are capable of that sudden jolt of envy when we see the high sales and huge success of another. What I try to do is transform that scarcity thought from envy to admiration. Do you realize that small business magazines, like Inc., are doing articles on Etsy sellers, like Ashley G and Drew, who are reporting six figure salaries with their handmade craft? SIX FIGURES! With nothing but the most respectful admiration, I shout, “Yes, please! That’s for me! Hallelujah!” By keeping my creative juices positive and forward-moving, I work toward success.

Imagine this: If you could figure out how to tell everyone in the entire world about your product right now, and then weed out the people who were interested from the people who were not, you would never be able to keep up with the demand from those who were interested. Not by yourself, anyway.

Here’s a new thought for the New Year: change your affirmations in a direction that leads you away from competitive, scarcity thinking and toward that sea of interested people.

If you take one thing from this article, I hope it will be this quote from Wayne Dyer: “Abundance is scooped from abundance, and abundance remains.” That’s Universal thinking, and to that I say, “Yes, please!” 

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  1. I completely agree with you Lisa, as a newcomer to the world of selling my hand crafted jewelry, I sometimes get worried about that. But as a friend in the home building business once told me about others in his business, “They are not really my competition, because some people like chocolate ice cream and some people like vanilla.” I believe that applies all across the board and I remind myself of that when I get discouraged. It is really great to have people like you that I can learn from and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic article: insightful, motivational, enlightening and downright WISE. Lisa has harnessed the power and abundance of the universe, and sets a wonderful example for those of us who seek to live a life of love, happiness, creative expression, and yes, abundance. We all possess our own uniqueness as well as the ability to contribute that uniqueness to the world, and I agree that each of us has our own sea of possibility to cultivate. When you cast YOUR line, do so with decided joy, passion, love and excitement, and revel in even the tiniest fish <3

  3. Great article, inspiring and through provoking, thank you for sharing.

  4. I remember reading your post in the Etsy forums when it was first written… and I’m glad to hear that you’re still focused and positive.

    Happy New Year! All the best to us all!

  5. Lisa – what a great article to start the day with! Thanks for giving me much to think about heading into the new year.

  6. Yes please! A great article. Time to put that positive thinking into practice for 2011 :)

  7. Great advice, beautifully put.

  8. excellent article. I wish I could make that many sales, but even at my sales level, I don’t feel competitive with other jewelers. My belief is that we each have a customer who is unique to our style and price range and it’s just a matter of identifying her.

    Good luck…

  9. going back to read your original post. Thanks for the upbeat words of advice. I may contact you later, if you don’t mind, to ask about facebook advertising. I tried it – but didn’t fare that well. Don’t think I was doing it right.

    Anyway – thanks!

  10. It’s refreshing to hear positive comments on the competitive side of selling. Thank you!

  11. This article is really good and very helpful. I’m saving this to refer to later as needed.

  12. Lisa, thank you for sharing your positive attitude and advice for all of us who “share” this market! Happy New Year!

  13. Thank you, Lisa for this article. I’ve been really struggling lately with the feeling of envy – which I hate. I want to be happy for and inspired by the success of others who are doing what they love to do. When I’m envious I am petty and not the best I can be.

    I appreciate that this article addresses fear and envy and offers a ray of hope. When there is so much “gloom and doom” information about our economy coupled with the overall attitude that “making things” is just a nice little past time – it’s easy to get discouraged.

    This is going to help me start my new year off with a much better attitude.

  14. What a positive view of etsy sales/shops – I love it! Want to share this with the team I’m on (MOE – Milliners of Etsy) Big thank you!

  15. I LOVE how you see things and, yes, we do need to be reminded daily to stay focused on the positive side of our lives. I have found that the fastest way to feeling good is to be ‘thankful” for what I already have. When I get discouraged, I start listing as many things I am thankful for on a piece of paper. By the time I am through, I usually have a full page written down and I am feeling really good again.

  16. Grateful for your wisdom :) Happy New Year and cheers to breaking sales records in the coming months!

  17. Wonderful article! I agree completely :)
    What great thinking to start the New Year off with…Best to All!!!!

  18. I have always remembered the words of a friend of mine, who used to say ‘if you want to by vegetables, where do you go? A vegetable market of course’

    That is a very simplified version of what you are telling us Lisa. How right you are too.

    Thank you for the great post.


  19. Thank you Lisa for your words of wisdom…I’m inspired for the coming New Year and more success with my Etsy shop.
    Bless you and I wish you much happiness and a Wonderful New Year.

  20. Thank you so much for writing such a great article! Like so many others I completely agree and truly appreciate that you took the time to bring this forward. Best wishes!


  21. I really love the idea of gift certificates. How do I set those up!?

    Mike –

  22. Good advice! It’s hard to remain positive When you feel like you’re are constantly competing & you see others doing better than you. It’s great to turn that idea around & see it as a positive, that those who are doing well are bringing a focus to the site & therefor to you. Thanks for reversing the negative!

  23. Thank you very much for this article, so true and words to live by. I learned all of that from the book ‘The Secret’ and I now read that book every day, I have already read it 16 times now and I am half way through 17!

  24. That is so on target. I asked an etsy seller where they got there suplies from and they said “it’s a secret, us etsy sellers work hard to find our supplies” and I was in my my mind thinking how counter productive that was.

  25. This is a very healthy perspective to have. We need all the positive thinking we can get when we are struggling to start a new business. Thanks for giving all this insight.

  26. Great article, Lisa! I wish more people thought this way!

  27. What a great article! It gives me a different perspective on things! So motivational!! :)

  28. little lovelies

    Thank you!! I love how you think!!!Excellent!

  29. Thanks for arousing our spirits with your creative encouragement, Neighbor!

  30. You go girl! Awesome article. That’s right on! Love everything.
    Jeanne/Vintage Renewal

  31. Great perspective! Something to think about……thanks!

  32. Lisa,
    I’m echoing what everyone else has shouted! Thank you! It is so refreshing to read something positive and giving. I enjoy sharing other Etsy sellers with my friends–after all, your friends can only buy so much from you! LOL! Therefore, I’ve learned to create treasuries of all of the fabulous items I like on etsy. It is so liberating to know you are helping yourself and others, at the same time. The more you give, the more you get. Be blessed! Cynthia

  33. I love this article and I love that you are doing so well. And I say, “yes please”. Right now my shops are closed because I am moving and trying to find a place to live. There is no room to make watches in this motel room. But as soon as we are settled I am back to my watches. I can still do readings in my Helen’s Light Readings Shop and that is what I am focusing on. Thank you for writing this article.

  34. Thanks for sharing!!!

  35. How do I post a Profile PIC, THx ;))

  36. Abundance is waiting for everyone. It’s a matter of attraction.

  37. totally agree!..what you give comes back tenfold!

  38. Lisa this article is FABULOUS and you are so right, the help-each-other approach has paid off for me.

  39. Wonderful, positive thought! With the new age we have started in, I am telling others to change their thought patterns to achieve their goals.

  40. Love this article!!! I have read several of your articles & I always find them insightful. I am a jewelry maker as well & it really is a tough market to get going in. I identified completely with that jealous figure you painted, but I always pull up my boot straps & try again. Kudos to you on your success!!

  41. I will be looking up that author as well! Love, love positive affirmations!

  42. Great article; just wonderful. I’m a crochet and knit artist and sometimes I find myself thinking – “But how many more crochet infinity scarves can etsy handle!?” but it’s not about that is it?

    Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to you future posts

  43. Thank you for this article Lisa. I have been struggling with feeling envious of other etsy sellers lately and your wonderful thoughts here on abundance really help.

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