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Consider This Before Opening A Second Etsy Shop

Consider This Before Opening A Second Etsy Shop

Because I frequently make mention of the fact that I juggle 4 Etsy shops in addition to my website and other selling platforms, I am often asked by fellow handmade sellers if it would be a good idea for them, too, to open up more than 1 Etsy shop.

The not-so-simple answer is, of course, it depends.

There are a few factors you should take into consideration before you jump on board the more-than-one shop train.

The first is of course, do you have the time, energy, and gusto to market all 4 of your shops enough to enable each of them to earn sales? There is a lot to it when it comes to harboring a successful Etsy shop, most of which people don’t realize when they sign up for one.

I can personally testify that where you direct your energy is where the flourishing happens. (click to tweet this!)

Do you feel capable of pouring your energy in multiple directions without diminishing the results of any of its locations?

If you’ve answered yes to the above considerations, then you are probably fully capable of hosting more than one Etsy shop. However, this still does not mean that you should.

Often times people think that they should open up more than one shop because they create two different kinds of products. Say, for example, they knit scarves as well as make beaded bracelets.

More than one product offering does not necessarily mean more than one shop is required, however.

If both products are created for and directed at the same target audience, then why split them up? You want the same people to be looking at both selections, so there is no need for you to perform double your marketing efforts in order to get the right eyeballs where they need to be.

On the other hand, if your two products are in fact for two totally separate audiences, then it might be a good idea to consider splitting them into two separate Etsy shops. For example, the people who buy my jewelry from my MegansBeadedDesigns Etsy shop aren’t typically the same people who buy the more cutesy jewelry from my Glamour365 shop. Likewise, the people who buy my ready-to-use glass eyes from my SteampunkDream shop aren’t the same as the DIYers who buy my eye designs collage sheets from my MegansCreativeDesigns shop. So it makes sense that I have these 4 Etsy shops split up to avoid confusion and overwhelm.

Finally, you may want to consider ahead of time the pain it can be to have to sign in and out of your account in order to check up on all of your varying shops. If you primarily use a tablet or smart phone to manage your Etsy shops, it can be frustrating to miss out on incoming customer requests or sale notifications until you get around to signing in and out of each shop. (If you’re on a desktop, then I recommend using multiple browsers so that you can stay signed in to all of your shops at once, if you want to be.)

So, in conclusion, yes, it is completely possible for you to handle more than 1 Etsy shop. If you think it might be the right decision for you, then I suggest moving slowly, building up each shop until it is systematized and established before adding another. The less overwhelm you can create for yourself along the way, the better.

Megan PetersenThis post was written by Megan Petersen, the designer and owner of Megan’s Beaded Designs, where she sells her handmade artisan jewelry and one-of-a-kind hair accessories. It was originally written and published on her blog for fellow creatives,, where she shares tips, beading tutorials, and articles on running a small business in the arts.






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  1. This is a question that often comes up in the Etsy forums. You have explained it very well here. We launched a children’s line of our handmade boots as well as clothing. We quickly realized that we needed a second shop as well as a second Facebook business page. This way we can direct our keywords and marketing towards parents and add child specific content to our FB page. It is hard work and feels like starting over. “where you direct your energy is where the flourishing happens” so very true. It is sometimes easy to neglect the new shop when a lot is happening in the older more successful one.

  2. Good article and valid points. Thanks for the comment about using multiple browsers, I didn’t think of that! You might also mention that one can only use a specific Paypal account in one Etsy shop. Open a second shop, and you need a second account if you are accepting Paypal payments. This has been a bit of an issue for me, I recently opened a second Etsy shop after four years with the first, which is now well established. I’ve forgotten how much hard work it takes to get it off the ground, will be spending a lot of time and energy getting the look right, getting it stocked, and getting the word out.

    • Megan we use 1 paypal account for both of our Etsy shops.

      • Thanks, Barbara. I will have to investigate further. Etsy would not let me use the same account twice…

        • I just have one Paypal account (one email address associated with it, that is), and just use that same account for all four of my Etsy shops. My first shop was Pear Tree Jewelry, which is my main focus, both on and offline, so I use the email address with that name for all four shops to pay me via Paypal. I do have separate email addresses for all of the shops (bearing those shop names), for other uses, but since Paypal only uses one, I decided to just go with that. I was worried that it might somehow cause confusion for customers, but there have never been any issues.

          For record keeping purposes, I just annotate by hand, on my Paypal statements, when I print them each month, which transactions went for which shops. Even moreso now that the new direct payment system has been set up on Etsy, as most of my customers now use that instead of Paypal anyway.

          It’s a little inconvenient, but has worked out OK since sales volume on Etsy is not huge. If business were heavier, it might be more cumbersome – but works for now.

    • You definitely do not need a new Paypal account for a second or third etc Etsy shop – I use my one Paypal account for all three of my Etsy shops, thus benefiting from lover Paypal fees as I cross certain Paypal thresholds.

    • I agree that you don’t need a second paypal account…I have two shops and they both operate from the same paypal account…not sure why you had issues with that but I would contact them directly about it…

  3. What a great post! I too have multiple shops (4) on Etsy. But what happened in my case is that after getting “everybody” set up, life delivered an assortment of outside noise and obligations that have pretty much taken me away from my shops. Two are at least fairly stocked, though they do suffer from neglect in marketing and need some fresh listings badly – but the other two are for now, pretty much sitting. I have not closed them down, because they do each serve a separate purpose, and I do like the idea of each for it’s own merits. But for now they are having to wait out the other noise – time to assist with my husband’s business (our bread and butter), eldercare and a few other time consuming requirements currently in my life.

    Once it again becomes “my turn”, my intent is to get all four shops fully properly stocked and in a sense, start over. My strongest one right now is the flagship –

    If I had it all to do over, I might have stopped at two shops, but at the times that the ideas struck, there was more margin of available time! (Not complaining at all – just acknowledging that life is sometimes about adapting – and sometimes backburner’ing.


  4. Thanks for the info! I started my second Etsy shop for this exact reason… Because I had two completely different products targeting two completely different customer groups. Initially I had one Etsy shop, AWRdesigns, and just sold whatever I made, but mainly bridal jewelry and accessories. Then I started getting requests from my coworkers at my day job for beaded and chain lanyards so I added them to my AWRdesigns shop, but as I did more research on advertising to target markets, I realized that I would need to split these two products up. And so in November 2013, I created my second Etsy shop, TheLanyardNeklace, and sales in both shops have increased big time!!! So I know I did the right thing opening my second shop.

  5. I’m glad I read your ideas about products for totally separate audiences timely. Very sensible article, thanks a lot!

  6. I should have read this before I opened my 2nd etsy shop. But I have to say, the MOST time consuming part is doing social media for BOTH. It’s really taking away from my creative time. We’ll see how long I can last before I merge the two! Thank you for the great article!


  7. I opened another shop so etsy suspendand all my account. they say because account prilivşges. How can I solve these problem any help

  8. Hi Megan,
    I just opened my second shop and am having trouble researching how to handle the legal & tax aspects . Can I have both shops under one tax id? And do I need to change anything under my sales tax certificate of authority? I’m not sure how to approach this with tax season coming up. Even a point in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks!

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