Saturday , 28 February 2015


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  1. I’m currently getting 2 Handmadeologys daily and now no HS! Did I do something to make this happen?

  2. I forgot my user name how do I get it? I am a pro member and am not able to use the features.

  3. I cannot open the form for feature. Do I copy and paste in word or other?
    Marilyn Davenport

  4. I really want to advertise on your site, but the contact form is not working. Can someone please contact me via email?

  5. I’m getting a charge on my CC acct for Blank Slate. Are you connected with Blank Slate? I use to be connected with Handmadology, and no longer get any info except when something is being sold like a new promotion etc. I searched and I’m not even listed on this anymore! Can you please help me track this down.

  6. Is the Shop Marketing Helper compatible with MAC???

  7. I sent an inquiry abut advertising a few days ago. I’d like to sign up for 3-6 months of ad space please.

  8. I can’t find the website’s contact form, please email me about advertising. Thanks.

  9. Is there a forum or somewhere that HM sellers can discuss issues? I’m finding that the Meyhlah platform doesn’t work at smoothly for me as Etsy – probably just that I’m familiar with Etsy. It would be great if sellers had a forum to post questions/remarks and interact with other sellers.

  10. Hi Tim,

    I would like to write for handmadeology but have tried to contact you and have gotten no response. I wrote for you over a year ago and want to get back on track with that. (I am a published author)

  11. I have recently signed up with Meylah on March 31, 2012 ( and I want to sell with you here at Handmadeology. But I’m confused as how to do this. I click the “sell with us” link, but the notice says I have a pending invitation, I’ve been denied, or I’m already a member. Yet I’ve searched for my items and they don’t appear.

    Will someone please help me with my questions. Thank you.

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