Tuesday , 25 June 2019
Today, we will move onto some of The Bag’s most important contents: The Box. I consider “The Box” my crafter’s tool kit, complete with all the knick knacks.

Craft Show Survival Kit :: Part Two – The Box

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If you missed part one here it is!  Part I of The Craft Show Survival Kit: The Bag.  Today, we will move onto some of The Bag’s most important contents: The Box. I consider “The Box” my crafter’s tool kit, complete with all the knick knacks that I need to put together my booth and a few extras to help throughout the day.

Now, I like to have everything in it’s place for quick, easy access during even the busiest parts of the show; so, my box has two tiers:  one for setup and display items, the other for my own supplies.

The perfect contents of your Box may differ than those listed here.  This is just a start to get you thinking about what you might need.  Hopefully, you will see a few “ah-ha!” items here that you hadn’t considered, and maybe you can school us on a few nifty tools that were missed.

Double Stick Tape (temporary)
Double Stick Tape (permanent)
Regular Tape
3 pens
Black & Red Sharpie
Tacky Mount
Blank Price Tags
Clothes Pins
Safety Pins
Tape Measure
T Pins
Small Wire Cutter
Glue Dots
Claritin D
Tylenol & Advil
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Tie
Emergency Sun Block

Having a game plan always helps me to rest easy before a show. You can’t control the weather, the traffic, or the sales, but you can make sure you are ready for whatever the event is going to throw at you. Being organized and prepared is a sure-fire recipe for taking anyone from disappointing to confident, even if you are a slug.

Slug Bug Thumbtacks Fabric Covered Buttons Pushpin VW

Slug Bug Thumbtacks Fabric Covered Buttons Pushpin VW

My name is Tania and I love everything about the Arts & Crafts scene, from the creations to the community and every step in between.  Several years ago, I started up The Curious Cake Shoppe and there has been no looking back since. I continue to use my passion for this community to create more, such as The Curious Canvas, and do my part to help out in the Arts & Crafts scene through my Texas-based Craft Show website, DFW Craft Shows.  I use my experience to write Craft Show articles and I love promoting other vendors through my Arts & Craft Giveaways every other week.



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  1. Great advice and so true…just one more thing….don’t forget to put it back in the box after you use it!

  2. Great list. I carry a small tool box with all kinds of things I may need. From tools to business cards from all the venders as we talk to them. The business cards come in handy when you have a customer looking for someone or something. One thing I’d like to add is feel free to help others when you can, the goodness will come back to you when you need help. Oh yeah…don’t forget the superglue. lol

  3. Choose or make something to donate for the
    raffle.Each crafter donates something from
    their stand and the raffle is held at a chosen time for crafters only.

  4. I was doing a craft fair this last Saturday and it rained for the first couple of hours…so I added a few more things to my “box”: towels which came in handy since the table and chair that were provided at my booth were wet, extra layer of clothing if you think you might get wet or cold and warm shoes.
    I also have some string, velcro dots and duct tape in my supplies.

  5. Thanks for sharing – I a newbie to all this & it’s so helpful to get advice like this from experienced craft fair vendors.

  6. Where were you 20+ years ago when I started doing shows?!? You’ve hit the nail on the head with your lists!!
    I too have a tool box and include in it my cleaning supplies for my booth – windex, paper towels, roll of plastic bags for trash, a dust-pan/small brush set. Instead of a bag, I use the small stacked 3-drawer plastic “office”(available everywhere)for my business items. Drawer #1: personal items (which include breath mints, moistened handwipes, my keys and phone, first aid stuff and my “To Do” stuff for customers when I return to the studio. Drawer #2: Packaging stuff-bags, tissue paper, extra cards, etc. Drawer #3: Pens, Pencils, counterfeit bill pen, paperclips, tape, sales receipt books and last but not least, the green stuff, $$$. I always direct opening the drawers away from the public for security purposes, but the “Office” is what I carry in/out at night/in the morning of a show. The surface is raised and it’s a “dedicated” area to writing, wrapping and general working area with/for customers only.
    Hope this helps someone else. Keep up the good work – love your writing style!!

  7. Good list. I’d add Wet Wipes(those disposible wet tissue things) easier to use than hand sanitiser I’ve found; a roll of smallish bin bags, the kind with tie handles if you use paper carrier bags as I do, and it’s pouring with rain outside; folding travel iron and cloth ‘ironing board’ if you have anything that creases (as my silk scarves do)and spare electrical block (the thing 3 plugs plug into one) for those days when electrical sockets are a premium and you need just one more.

  8. Scissors! You’d be amazed how many times I have lent mine to booth neighbors at shows. (And borrowed a pair when I’ve forgotten mine.)

    I think someone else mentioned a receipt book. I’ll second that, as mine also doubles as a custom order pad.

    Great list! Good luck to everyone at your shows this spring. :)

  9. great lists – thanks for this! Wish I’d read it before the market I had a table at today, though I had MOST of the things I needed with me…

  10. I copied your wonderful list for safekeeping till my next show. Thanks for the great tips!

    Carol Joy

  11. Getting ready for my first show in I can’t remember how long I’m a little (lot) stressed right now thanks for these posts the lists help and don’t forget zip ties (I have to put that on my list) :)

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