Tuesday , 25 June 2019
Promotesy is designed to help Etsy sellers spend less time promoting their shops on social media sites and more time creating and managing their shops

Create More Time to be Creative by Automating Your Etsy Social Media Marketing

Having a consistent social media presence is crucial today for growing your Etsy business. It can be time consuming and sometimes forgotten about when sales pick up and managing your shop is the first priority.  Being able to automate your Etsy marketing and cut down the time you spend on social media sites can help you focus on being creative and running your shop.

I have talked to many of our readers, fans, and members and one question that always come up is “How do you have time to run a shop and stay active on social media sites?”.  The Handmadeology team has come up with the perfect answer and solution to this question/problem.  Promotesy.com.  This Etsy app has designed by Etsy sellers, with Etsy sellers in mind.  As Etsy sellers, we know what we need to successfully market our shops and still have time to make what we sell, ship items, answer convos, and so on.  We have put that knowledge into this powerful Etsy app!

promotesy logo



Promotesy is designed to help Etsy sellers spend less time promoting their shops on social media sites and more time creating and managing their shops.


1. Save time by scheduling the social media promotion of your Etsy shop (creating an online presence when you can’t be there!)

2. Directly connected with your Etsy shop for easy one-click posting.

3. User-friendly visual dashboard where you can visually keep track of your social media promotional efforts.

4. Links back to Facebook posts so you can engage your fans who leave comments and likes.  Making connections with your

5. Automatic link shortening with every post.

6. You can post and schedule any status update, tweet or announcement, not just Etsy items.

7. Connect and post to your Facebook profile and all fan pages you are an admin of.

Promotesy is a web-based app that works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and all smart phones with web browsing capabilities.  Promotesy is a subscription-based app that costs only $5 per month.

Subscribers will have access to our how-to videos that teach you how to get the most out of Promotesy. You will also receive three downloadable ebooks covering Facebook ($24), Twitter ($15), and LinkedIn ($18), and our popular goal tracking spreadsheet from our Etsy shop ($24), all for free.

Here is a shot of the Promotesy dashboard.  Promotesy Walk Through Video


promotesy dashboard

Here you can see how your Etsy items are integrated right in to the app.

etsy items promotesy

Here is a shot taken right from my iphone and added to this graphic!



Stop by our fan page and check out even more info on Promotesy:  Promotesy Fan Page

Give Promotesy a test run for FREE.  You can install the app in your shop and see how the dashboard looks!



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  1. Hi Tim,
    This looks awesome! And I’m seriously thinking about joining…..any chance of adding Flikr in the future?

  2. Okay, great to know….I read about Pinterest being added soon and that’s good news. Thanks for responding!

  3. I would love to see it as an app, rather than an open browser page on my phone. Also an option to set up a profile that I wouldn’t have to select a time zone every single time, and an option to edit a scheduled post when I forget to set the correct time zone :)

    • Hi Marija,

      Adding a no browser app has been talked about! We are also updating the time zone and facebook profile so they stay once you pick them. That will be done this friday.

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