Wednesday , 12 August 2020

Creative Reuse: Holiday Decorations & Package Tags on a Budget

Creative Reuse: Holiday Decorations & Package Tags on  a Budget

You don’t have to spend lots of money on supplies to make fancy package tags or ornaments this year, because you probably have the materials laying around your home.  What otherwise may end up in the trash can easily be turned into a fun and creative project for yourself or a day with the kids!

The mission: package tags or ornaments from scratch!

Base: The items shown here have 1.5” round old composition poker chips as a base platform.  If you don’t have poker chips laying around you can improvise and use  old game pieces, vitamin bottle caps,  flat miilk caps, round metal hardware or  flatten metal beverage caps out for a unique look.   The best work areas will be between 1.25” and 2” round.   Optional:  You may notice that some of these poker chips have a small hole drilled in them with a dremmel, and were fashioned with a 10mm jump ring.  This was due to some having been made into pendants ,so this step is not necessary for the ornaments or package tags.

Center Adornment: The center cabochons on these ornaments were pressed using a button maker and vintage ephemera from old magazines.   In your home great alternatives would be old buttons layered for maximum impact, or smaller buttons made into a floral design.  Create a small mosaic with parts of broken jewelry or use steampunk watch pieces.   For a look similar to these, ephemera would be snipped into a circle, then decoupaged on the top of the base platform with Mod Podge or any clear glue.  A small mixed media collage with initials would go over well for a package tag.  If you don’t have a scrapbooking pile laying around for letters, try cereal or pop tart boxes as they have nice size sturdy letters.

PAPER CLIPS: Paper clips glued to the back in a starburst design will give this a pop-art meets ornamental look.  Depending on your base size you can go with small or large paper clips, use wire or rainbow colors—whatever you have laying around.  I’ve used hand-painted toothpicks for a different look, and it sure keeps the kids busy if you have them paint each one. If you go with toothpicks, you will still have to attach one paper clip onto the back still, for your ribbon to hang on.

GLUE: These paper clips were applied with E6000 glue as the poker chips were heavy composition material.  If you are using vitamin caps or something lighter, you may be able to use regular Elmer’s glue or most non-toxic craft glues.

OPTIONAL: To cover any “overage in glue” to the back of your base, a small snippet of paper or in this case, a carnival ticket or another poker chip on most were used wherein you have a large enough area that you can sign your name or write a holiday message.

HANGERS: Old ribbon snippets make great little hangers,  as would old shoelaces or braiding of twist ties from bread bags.
The best part about these is that they are made with reuse from around the home, and each one will be unique and created by you!

Submitted by:  Ira Mency 

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  1. These are really fun! I’m going to dig through the recycling bin to see what ideas we can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. something new to do each year with the kiddos and add a new ornament every year nice job

  3. Fun retro look!

    Instead of buying fancy gift bags I’d pick up plain white or brown paper craft ones much more inexpensive and have the kids decorate a bunch to keep on hand. They get to show off their artwork every time we’d use one!

    Great activity for kids birthday parties too.

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