Tuesday , 21 January 2020

DIY – Repurposed Tin Can Earrings

juice -- repurposed tin earrings

juice -- repurposed tin earrings

The other day I made a pair of tin can earrings for my Etsy shop that turned out to be absolutely delightful. I love Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice and have always enjoyed the heavy duty tin can that it comes in. I wanted to make them a little glam, so I went big.

Here’s what you need:  tin can of your liking, scissors, tin snips, file, sandpaper, hammer, drill (or tack), marker, earwires.

Here’s what you do:

1.  Cut the bottom and top off of the can (this is where you might want to grab a wire cutter or tin snips to get it started), then with the top and bottom removed, used a scissors to cut the can down its side, lengthwise. Flatten it out and you’ll be left with a rectangular piece of metal.

2.  Next, I took another can that I had handy and placed it on top of the metal and with a marker drew a circle around it, capturing the diameter of the can. You can use anything you’d like for your template, depending on what size you’d like your own earrings to be. Do this twice, choosing the pretty part you’d like to show up on your earrings. Cut your circles out with a scissors.

3.  With a file or sandpaper (I like to use both) file down the edges of the circles removing any sharpies. It’s okay to take off some of the color around the edge of the metal because it adds to the overall charm of the earrings.

4. Hammer. I like to use my hammer to rough up a piece and give it some character. Hammer to your liking, turning the metal over to get both sides.

5.  Grab your drill and drill one hole in each earring centered at the top for your earwires. If you don’t have a drill a tack will do the trick, just push it on through the metal with a little muscle. Insert earwires and voila! Spankin’ new earrings.

Melissa has an Etsy shop and writes for melfannin

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  1. Hey Timothy,

    Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate all you do…


  2. Cool DIY project. With a little imagination you could come up with quite a few found objects from which to make earrings.

  3. They really are adorable, thanks for posting this cool DIY project

  4. These are so cute and I love the colors.

  5. I love your ideas! The hard part is the sanding.


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