Thursday , 16 July 2020
This is a super easy quick project that costs next to nothing, wont stump you, and will make you smile for sure. Here is what you'll need, how to do it, and what it costs:

DIY Stump Lamp – Blog Squad Project

This is a super easy quick project that costs next to nothing, wont stump you, and will make you smile for sure. Here is what you’ll need, how to do it, and what it costs:

Materials: purchased at True Value

A stump: FREE

Wiring, we got ours at Ikea: $4

Lamp Shade (optional): $10

Tools: 1 1/4 ” Hole bit: $10

1 1/4″ thick metal electrical pipe” $8

Router (optional)

Total: $20-$25

stump lamp how-to

These photos really do the talking for us! Drill a hole down the center of the whole length of the stump with the 1 1/4″ hole bit. Decide what you want to be the top and the bottom of the stump. On the bottom of the stump, rout away space where the cord can fit in so the stump fits flat on your surface. Shove the pipe in the top, and then feed the cord through the top. Add your bulb and lamp shade – and you are set!

You can modify this however you want. We are thinking about spray painting the stump white, or covering the stump in a polyurethane. This stump we placed in the mudroom, and have been playing with other methods for the bedroom and maybe even the kitchen. We decided to work with stumps after a large storm in New York knocked down a bunch of trees and people were throwing them away. Have you found a good use for a stump? We would love to know! We love natural wood, and are trying to create new ways to use stumps in design, beyond the obvious.

Lets get legal: We were one of the 10 bloggers True Value has chosen to work on The Blog Squad , and we are way excited to take on the challenge of showing you exciting DIY projects.  They have compensated us for our time and writing, and provided materials for the projects we have worked on. However, our opinions are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive comments. Did we mention we are excited to show you our DIY Blog Squad Projects?

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  1. awesome idea! just a heads-up though: be aware of the laws in your area regarding transporting wood as it is illegal to remove wood from areas that are quarantined for emerald ash borer infestation!

  2. We have lots of wood, some of it is very cool with interesting patterns and shapes. I used a couple of cool stumps for outside plant stands a couple of years ago, but being unsealed and exposed to the elements, they’re already rotting.

    I was wondering, do you know how long the wood would last without being sealed with something? And if it does need to be sealed, what would be the best thing I wonder. Polyurethane? lacquer? How about the bark? Would it be better to remove it?

    Thanks for presenting this project and congrats on your association with True Value. That’s awesome!

  3. @laurie so sad about the rotting wood! well i know from experience the type of wood makes all the difference when leaving it exposed to the elements.

    as for us making the lamps, we did some buffing and very mild coat of wax, it’s held up perfectly in the mud room which is completely covered but not heated/cooled.

    good luck and stop by to share what you wind up doing with the wood. we would love to know!

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