Tuesday , 17 September 2019
One of my new year's resolutions this year was to be better organised with my creative process and my crafting supplies.

Enhancing Creativity – Storage Solutions

Enhancing Creativity – Storage Solutions
One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to be better organised with my creative process and my crafting supplies.  You see, my craft area is constantly chaotic with works in progress, completed pieces and supplies all floating around at the same time.  This has meant that I waste a lot of my creating time just searching for the supplies or tools I need to complete my project.  In order to be more organised, I realised that I needed some sensible storage solutions for my mass of diverse craft supplies (I should probably also cut down on the types of craft I do, LOL).  Searching through craft magazines, furniture stores and home storage stores has led me to the sad conclusion that the pieces I really love are, unfortunately, not the ones that I can afford.  However, I have managed to find some affordable solutions which are extremely practical as well.
A quick trip to my local hardware store by my husband yielded several large plastic fishing tackle boxes.

The little compartments in these boxes are perfect for keeping my beads, vintage cabochons and jewellery supplies neatly organised.  And the bonus is that, being clear plastic, I can easily see my supplies through the sides and tops of the boxes!  I also managed to find some miniature plastic drawers which are perfect for organising my ribbons, buttons and reams of lace.  And again, being relatively see-through plastic, I can usually spot the drawer I want without having to open all of them.  Another advantage of plastic storage boxes is that they stack fairly well and I can add labels to them with my label machine without having to worry about whether I will damage the finish of the surface.

I asked some of my fellow crafters and Etsy sellers on Twitter and Facebook to share their storage solutions with me and here are just some of the fantastic ideas mentioned.  Katrina, of Media Mad has written several helpful blog posts about organising your home office and your home in general.  I especially love the old cupboard she has used to hide away all of her magazines, papers and so on!

Chantal of Chantal Vincent Art told me that she stores her fabric in plastic shoe storage boxes because they “Keep the dust off, they stack well and I can see them all.”  She also kindly shared with me her storage wishlist on Pinterest, which had me positively drooling over several pieces!

This old wooden set of drawers on Brown dress with white dots really caught my eye – I can just imagine sorting all of my smaller supplies into those gorgeous drawers, and there would even be space for my tools, glues and vintage ephemera.

So how do you keep all of your craft supplies organised?  Have you gone for the more affordable, but less aesthetically pleasing, option like I have?  Or are you one of those blessed people who has inherited or unearthed a vintage bargain?  Or have you been sitting in the middle of a disorganized craft desk like I have been doing and desperately searching for some good ideas?  I would love to hear your tips and ideas or even the dream items on your wishlist. 

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  1. Great storage ideas. I plan on blogging about mine tomorrow.

  2. Great article. Organization is high priority in my apartment. I live and work in a small studio in NYC. My prized storage is for my finished jewelry. I located these three hanging units that each hold 80 pieces of jewelry. They’re about 34″ long x 18″ wide x 2″ deep and they hang in my closet. I was able to get rid of three coffee cans and a hanging unit when I got these. They cost $10 each and I just close the closet door when I’m not needing them.

  3. My nearset and dearest built some fabby cupbards for my fabrics. Me thinks there may have been a method in his madness. ie build them or put up with the mess. :+)

  4. I’d give up butter pecan ice cream to find one of these old chests of drawers for my button collection!!!!!!!! It would look so fabulous in my studio!!!!!!

  5. My workspace is made up of a 100 year old farm table, old ammo cases, and a little rusty file cabinet. If it’s old, has cubbies or drawers, and needs some TLC, I’ll drag it home and use it for storage!

  6. You all have some great storage ideas! Cat’s workspace sounds especially fantastic.
    Elsie – I’ll second your comment, except that it would have to be chocolate I give up, LOL.

  7. I’d love that old set of drawers in my studio Deb!

  8. I was lucky enough to purchase a card catalog from a university. Three hundred drawers in ten units – plus they threw in ten drawers of the old cards too! It was extremely heavy and I had to drive to California to get it, but it has been SO worth it!

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