Tuesday , 24 November 2020

Etsy Addresses The Recent Site Outages

T - Fatal Error - Attacking computer

T - Fatal Error - Attacking computer | by: juror2

Lately Etsy has been experiencing some site outages.  These outages effect sellers, buyers, Etsy API program developers, and Etsy itself.  Etsy has address these outages and what they are doing to better prevent these.  You can find out more about these outages over on  Code As Craft

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  1. WHEW!! Thank God it was ETSY’s problem!! I thought my precious iMAC had caught a virus or worm!!!!!

  2. It’s interesting to see the systems & procedures Etsy has set up to deal with outages. Very similar to procedures used for an international, big box retail company I used to work for, when we had outages. The article didn’t go into specifics, but it did show the systems in place. Thanks for posting the link.

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