Tuesday , 25 June 2019
Etsy has jumped on board the Pinterest bandwagon and has now placed a " pin it " button on every listing page.

Etsy Adds Pinterest Pin It Button

Red necklace pendant - Poppy flower

Red necklace pendant - Poppy flower by: Dariami

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social site.

Pinterest launched in early 2010, and has seen tremendous growth from just 40,000 monthly unique visitors in October 2010 to 11 million visits during the week ending December 17.  According to TechCrunch, Pinterest grew almost 50% month over month from its start  (on average).  In addition, page views increased 2,000% between June and October 2011.

Etsy has jumped on board and has now placed a ” pin it ” button on every listing page. Check out the screen shot below.


pinterest  and Etsy

The nice thing  is , the price and the description is already filled out when you hit the button.  This makes for some fast pinning!

pinterest  etsy


If you are not already on Pinterest you can Etsy’s link to sign up:  Sign up link


Check out what Handmadeology has been pinning!



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  1. This is awesome news! But on the other hand, I hope Pinterest doesn’t fill up with spammy pins if sellers start pinning all their own items for exposure :(

  2. Yep! I made a post all about making this discovery on http://hideaheart.wordpress.com yesterday!

  3. I just noticed this yesterday. While I am glad on one hand…it also makes me a bit nervous too…for the same reason Diana above mentioned.I am glad it attaches the name of the Etsy shop where it can be found and the price – it keeps it attached to our shops, right?
    thanks for the post!

  4. Thank you, Etsy. I had noticed this on Saturday and am thinking just like the ladies ahead of me…so, so, so good could be so bad.

  5. I object to the default being to the price banner to the photo on Pinterest when you use the PinIt button on your etsy page. If you choose, to eliminate the price banner on your Pinterest board one can use the Pin It button (installed from the Pinterest site)on your tool bar to pin items from your shop or others.

    One reason I added Pinterest to my social media is the escape from the “noise” in forums, on Twitter and on Facebook. I easily feel saturated with too much social media. Pinterest has, for the most part, been a quiet mental wind-down, with lots of yummy, beautiful photography and is a pleasant and visual search engine. I’m surprised Pinterest has agreed to allow price banners, their own TUs discourage self promotion/advertising.

    But, I agree, for those who want another billboard where millions tread, it’s awesome news. And I had already posted my art and crafts on a board so I’m aware of it’s reach, but the price banner is just too-in-your-face and is spam on Pinterest as far as I’m concerned.

    The question of the day is what happens if someone else pins something from your Etsy shop. If the default is the banner, you cannot control how others pin the photo. Since I don’t subscribe to in-your-face selling, this fact bothers me…… a lot.

  6. Yay! Very cool…. on the other hand …. hope it doesn’t get tooooo spammy.

  7. I have a Pinterest account but don’t know how it works. I looked at the Handmadeology site and looks great but how do you set up the different categories of photos and sites? Through Etsy, do you pin your own item when you add it, or do you pin someone else’s item you like, or both?

  8. I’m loving that they added this new feature, can’t wait to see how everyone uses it.

  9. This is a great addition! So many are into Pinterest & this just makes it easier. Sellers might go overboard using this to add their products to Pinterest, but this is something that I think they were already doing. What Etsy has done is to add a little reminder or prompt for customers browsing the site to add Etsy products to their accounts.

  10. Thanks Tim, glad to know the price can be removed from the etsy site.

    Delores, you can do both, you can add pins directly from the Pinterest site if you see pins you like or you can add from other places on the web. If you install the PinIt button on your tool bar it’s very easy, just click it and follow the prompts. If there are multiple photo on a web page, like a blog, you will have an opp to select the one(s) you want to pin. Go into your account and under your avie will be a drop down box “boards”, that’s where you will create and name your boards……you can type a theme in the Pinterest search box and find all kinds of yummy things to pin onto your boards. And when you want to pin, Pinterest will ask you which board and give you the opportunity to add/modify the photo description. Or from your etsy shop. Many web sites have included a Pinterest pin button so you can use that or the one from your tool bar.

  11. Yeah I noticed it yesterday while my husband told me about your article.. good thing about pinterest is that you only repin or follow the user only if you like their taste, not because you know them..

  12. I was so happy that etsy did this! I love that I can now pin so many of the beautiful work! Passing on the creativity is so contagious!

  13. I’ve recently read some concern over this. Pinterest explicitly says in their Pin Etiquette (http://pinterest.com/about/etiquette/):

    “Avoid Self Promotion

    Pinterest is designed to curate and share things you love. If there is a photo or project you’re proud of, pin away! However, try not to use Pinterest purely as a tool for self-promotion.”

    I have used it for self-promotion (specifically for projects on my blog and a giveaway I’m hosting right now), since it is a special occasion, which they allow, but I agree with the commenters who say that they like that Pinterest is not as “noisy” with marketing messages.

    I feel like if the pin is truly useful or beautiful, then people will not complain. If it becomes constant streams of unwanted “ads” they may begin unfollowing Etsy sellers. However, I don’t see this being a problem if the Pinterest guidelines are followed.

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