Wednesday , 23 May 2018

Etsy Badge Code Generator – New Holiday Badges

Grabbing an Etsy badge for your blog of website just got easier.  When you are logged into your Etsy, you can click on any one of these badges and a code is automatically generated with your shop link embedded.   You can find all the cool Etsy badges HERE.

etsy badges 

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  1. I added my badge yesterday and even moved up on my sidebar. I’m proud to be an artist that has a story behind my brand. Rock on Etsy for empowering us like this! :D

  2. How nice to wake up to coffee in my cup, Handmadeology, and delightful tips like this. Thanks, Tim et al…

  3. I love that your shop is embedded in the code, it’s a great addition to the Etsy badges. I added the Holiday one last night!

  4. I can’t get individual badges to download and the link to the badges just takes me to an Etsy page with no mention of badges. Guessing this doesn’t work anymore.

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