Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Etsy Issues a Statement About Their Privacy Policy

Turquoise Rotary Phone on Book Page - Mini Painting

Turquoise Rotary Phone on Book Page - Mini Painting |by: ArtZodiac

The recent talk and debate about the Etsy privacy concerns have stirred up the handmade community.  Etsy issued a statement on their blog today.

If nothing has recently changed, what’s going on?

There is a lot of misinformation being spread right now. One blog post even has the outlandish title “Etsy Makes All Of Its Users’ Activity Public.” This is simply untrue. On Etsy, private conversations, financial information, billing data — all are now and have always been strictly private.

There was an article published on ArsTechnica that made clear how direct the connection was between using your real name on Etsy, buying an item and receiving public feedback for that item. The reaction to this article has made us realize that we need to change the way our Feedback system works, and this is what we’ve already done today.
What is Etsy’s view on privacy?

We take privacy very seriously. We work with TRUSTe and audit our privacy policies regularly, notifying all members via email any time a substantive change is made.

In the future, we may provide an option to share individual purchases publicly at the time of purchase. This will be completely opt-in and on a purchase-by-purchase basis.

We are deeply sorry for any confusion and will work hard to regain your trust.

Please take the time to read the rest… HERE on Etsy’s blog. 

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  1. I think it is a little unfair if you just copy and paste this particular section here, because reading this section alone is a little misleading and totally not Etsy’s point in their main article.

    As Etsy said, the purchases shared publicly is OPTIONAL and you have to opt-in yourself. As of right now all purchases are private still, and we need to wait until they change it in order to know if their new system would work or not. There are some people in this world that doesn’t mind/care if their purchases are public or not. Although mine are private, lol.

  2. I have been wondering what’s exactly going on, I did not realize there was or is an OPT IN or OUT so this is helpful.

    I really think they are trying to get users to be able to network and find each other, brand their names with their business but I really don’t get the whole hiding the feedback thing. Lots of changes, and they seem to be happening quick. Don’t know what to think. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This good news. Thank you for staying on top of this issue.

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