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Have you ever used YouTube to promote your Etsy shop, product, or website? I'm sure you've heard others mention this tip to you, but today I'd like to really point out the benefits of it. If you aren't, maybe you should. If you are, maybe you should think about how to expand to using YouTube to promote several areas at a time. Let's discuss.

Etsy Marketing Tips – Reaching Customers On YouTube


Retro TV Brooch/Pin

Retro TV Brooch/Pin by: vectorcloud

Have you ever used YouTube to promote your Etsy shop, product, or website? I’m sure you’ve heard others mention this tip to you, but today I’d like to really point out the benefits of it.  If you aren’t,  maybe you should. If you are, maybe you should think about how to expand to using YouTube to promote several areas at a time. Let’s discuss.

Check out this clever “shop for the holiday video” from Etsy artist Alison who sells her artwork and vintage in her shop, Yore727.

This is a great example of using YouTube to promote your business.  Now you don’t have to be an expert photographer or have any skills to make basic videos. Most computers these days come with Free Movie software, where you can arrange a bunch of pictures and add your own text. Most of our cellphones can capture videos too!  The thing to remember is, any video is better than no video!

So why use YouTube?

  • It’s free.
  • You can link your shop, product, or service into the description of your video.
  • Using relevant keywords in the title and description can help you get your product noticed.
  • Videos can easily be “Tweeted”, and “shared to Facebook”.  This is where your friends and family come in, helping your item go “viral.”
  • You can even embed your video into your blog or site post, like I did with this one. This is where you copy the HTML code and embed it into your web or site.

You may not become the next overnight sensation, but you really can get free publicity for your item and have fun while doing it.  Who better to promote your product than you?

Making it Count

This screenshot is a video about Timothy Adam Designs, by HeyHandmade’s channel. Note how you should be hitting certain key areas in the video. Hey Handmade put great key words in the description, and  a link directly to Tim’s Etsy shop.   His shop name is also in the title, and the video is cute and displays his work professionally! 171 views so far and counting….that’s 171 free publicity shots!  Watch it here!

Now Take it A Step Further:  Hit Two or More Markets

So, you are using YouTube and you’ve done these things. Now it’s time to think about how you can target several items in one video.  Here’s what I did.  I wanted to make a video to drive more people to reading my Vintage blog site. I decided I would need some help–not only from One Tree Media to create better videos, but maybe from some of my Etsy friends. I picked some Etsy shops I loved, and made a video of them.   I have to admit, it was a bit cheesy, but I had fun doing it.

Now, in doing this I did get their permission to use their photographs, and when it was done, sent them the video link.  I was hoping by doing this, they would share the video on their Facebook or Twitter.  On top of that, I can use the video on my blog too.  So, in a nutshell, I not only created a video about my blog, and solicited the help of others, but as a hidden bonus, I stuck my own Etsy shop in there too.  How sneaky of me. A three-in-one video marketing program. All for free!* Wow.

So, in this situation I targeted:
a) My Blog = With the video it talks about my blog, and the links in the YouTube description.
b) Etsy Vintage Sellers  = using good keywords in the title.
c) My Etsy Shop = by sneaking in a snippet to my own shop!

Now it’s no overnight sensation, and I’m not up for any Indy video awards.  However, over time, I hope more people will find the video, and find my shop, and my blog.

*I do have a yearly subscription to One Tree Media, which helps me make these kinds of videos.

Here are some more examples of great videos you should really check out:

PJ Hornberger, Folk Artist, has made sales long distance by making a ton of cute videos showing her Folk Art in her Texas Studio.  I really love the way she describes things, it’s great.  This one video has over 718 views.

Mary’s Gone Wild out of North Carolina talks about how she uses recycled trash to help children. This video is on it’s way to 4000 views…

Violetville Vintage gives you an inside look at her photo shoots, over 5400 views…

Of course the possibilities are endless, but everyone’s YouTube crazy these days. 

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  1. Great advice!!! Now I am off to make a Youtube video. Thanks Tim!

  2. Nice article and I was really curious about this topic. I did make 3 videos of my products (I sell photo tutorials about shoe making). I was thinking that this will help sell my product, but it doesn’t at least not so much as I spend time to do all this. So I discovered, that I did show in the video just too much detail and now everybody think that making this shoe is even so simple that they don’t need a pattern for it. It is simple, but if you have a pattern, otherwise, you will spend too much time on it; and also all my hard work was just for my fun….

    Now, I’m designing a new pair of shoes, and I also want to have a video, but I wish I could sell some patterns too. So what should I do?
    For one of my video I almost have 12.140 views, but my sells are just in 1 or maybe even smaller %, and that was not my plan. Does somebody have any suggestion for me? For sewing designs specific?

    PS my video link:

    • @TutorialGirl

      I like your videos, and the one you showed has over 12000 views, so it’s getting found–great job. Maybe approach it more so that you are now considered a shoe making authority, now your new videos can show a hint or free tip, but make sure people know the rest of your tips or advice can be found by purchasing your shoe making patterns or design tips or even paid tutorial videos in your store or shop. Make sure also to advertise your shop or products in your videos, a lot! You are so talented.

  3. Thanks! I have been wanting to list this vintage bike horn, but how cool would it be if I could let people hear it , to help clinch the sale!

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