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If you love candle-making, it’s a great business choice because there is a HUGE void of candles on the Etsy marketplace, which leaves a wide opening for success.

Etsy Niche Case Study: A Handmade Candle Shop

Honeydew container candle

Case Study: A Candle Shop

Recently, shop owner Tony of Candlekraze reached out to ask if I had any advice for him. I took one look, realized he was selling candles, and started to type a mile-a-minute. Typically, I do not offer advice on an individual basis, which I explained to Tony. I told him that if we turned his request into a case study, I’d give him very specific advice and allow my friendly readers to add their input.

If you love candle-making, it’s a great business choice because there is a HUGE void of candles on the Etsy marketplace, which leaves a wide opening for success. Please take a look at the top sellers in the candle category on Craft Count:

Top 9 Sellers in Candles on Etsy

That list is supposed to be 100 long! This means that only 9 sellers on Etsy have made more than 1,000 sales in the handmade candle category. If that’s not an opportunity, I don’t know what is!

So, what I’m going to do for Candlekraze is take some advice I’ve offered on the blog and apply it to Tony’s shop.

Before we begin:

I told Tony that branding was important, and he should first hire a professional to design a logo for him, and make a label template for his products. Second, he needed a more basic container(s) with lids. And third, he absolutely needed to improve photography to make the candles look more desirable, and less homemade. These are three basic investments a candle shop should make, and all 3 will need to be in place before any candle maker would see success. To help guide a new candle shop through this venture, you can:

Choose role models and learn from their experience. 

I love candles, and role models for Tony were the first thing I started to think about. Choose the role model businesses (I recommend off-Etsy brands) who have the reputation and customer base you strive for. The businesses you admire then become real-life mentors who have all the answers for your industry on their websites. I can think of a few role model businesses for the candle industry, but for the purposes of this article, I’m going to just choose one: Yankee Candle.

Customers love Yankee Candle, and I’m one of them. They have the scents I love, they’re long-lasting, they make great gifts, and they’re reasonably priced. You can aim to make customers say the same about your candles.

Next, you ask yourself some basic questions about your role model. Considering Yankee’s success, how does their brand represent their company? How do they photograph their candles? Why are their pictures appealing? What do their policies look like? How and where are they finding their customers? What are you doing better than them (in other words, why should customers want to shop you when they can shop them)? What are they doing better than you? How does their “about” page read?

Show me the love.

My blog, Marketing Creativity, is all about how to make a living doing what you love. I know that I spend a lot of time talking about how to generate sales and revenue, but that’s because I already assume there is true love in your craft or artwork. The real secret of success is genuinely loving what you do. As your shop evolves, your products, descriptions, and photography have no choice but to reflect that truth.

Start with the basics

Successful handmade sellers offer a professional experience for their customers. So if I were Tony, I would go back to the drawing board right here. List what you’ve already made for sale, but create a plan for a more professional image. Your customers have got to trust you, and they might buy if they can see and smell your candles at a craft show, but online you’re going to need more sophistication in your photos and listings.

People don’t mind a handmade candle, but they do mind if it looks homemade. What I’ve suggested absolutely takes an investment, but if your candles are high quality and smell good, it’s an investment I’m sure will pay off.

Furthermore, never underestimate your customers. If you don’t take the time to write proper listings, customers are not going to trust that you took the time to create a high quality product.

I offer a free report that has a lot of suggestions on how you can improve your listings:

How to Convert Item Views into Items Sold! 

In closing, if Tony’s in love with candle-making, I believe he has an opportunity ahead of him. If you’re willing to invest a lot of time, all your heart, and a little bit of money (my suggestions for candle containers and professionally designed logo would cost approximately $750 to start) … there’s a giant opening for a run-away success in this market. Until next time and all the best, Lisa Jacobs


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  1. Thank you sooo much for writing this article. I have an etsy store where I have been selling our sushi candles, original beeswax candles and soy candles with over 300 sales so far.

    I thought there was a lot of competition in the candle category, but you have made me completely rethink it. I am now looking forward to posting our new candle designs soon.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Are you available to do other case studies? I sure would love it.

  3. Wonderful article! Very well written.
    I am off to check out your blog.
    I would love a jewelry case study.
    Shannon Chomanczuk
    For My Sweet Daughter

  4. Annabella Collins

    I’m just wondering if the reason why there are so few top candle sellers is because the demand for candles on Etsy is actually very low? Could it be that others have tried and failed so often due to lack of sales compared to if they were selling jewellery etc.? I must say I have a personal interest in this as I have been making 100% natural soy candles with essential aromatherapy oils as a hobby in the UK for the past 6 months and am considering launching a shop on Etsy myself but as noone else seems to have made a successful business from candle sales on Etsy I have to wonder if this is actually because of lack of interest in candles generally? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

  5. I work for a successful small candle crafter with sales nationwide. We specialize in 100% beeswax, non-gmo soy and aromatherapy candles. We sell retail and wholesale. We are a solar powered, green, eco friendly crafter. We use 100% essential oils. Everything we do is recycled-reused and good for the environment. We are a living wage employer. We do not sell on Etsy. We just celebrated our 10th birthday. Feel free to check us out at

  6. I’m definitely going to go back over my listings. Thanks! Also, where else do you suggest selling my candles online. I know there’s Etsy, ebay, and http://Candles.Space but where else is crafty like these?

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