Tuesday , 19 November 2019
The handmade movement has found a particular voice and connection online - Etsy, for example is a site home to 800,000 shops.

Etsy Puts Cottage Industry Online – How Shopping Handmade Profits Everyone

etsy infographic

Source: PromotionalCodes.net

Here are the most recent number straight from Esy:

The stats:

  • $58.3 million of goods (after refunds and cancellations) were sold by our community in February, 6.3% higher than January’s $54.9 million.
  • That represents 2,869,606 items sold for the month, 2.6% higher than January’s 2,797,149.
  • 2,240,945 new items were listed in the month, 6.0% lower than January’s 2,384,269.
  • 654,501 new members joined the Etsy community in the month, up 1,650, or 0.3%, from January.
  • 1.3 billion page views were recorded on the site in February.

The $58.3 million of goods sold (after refunds and cancellations) represents a 62.5% increase from February 2011′s total. At the same time, items sold were up 51%. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Etsy community in February 2012!

Source: Etsy Weather Reports


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  1. Great article, some cool facts. I just wish I was able to capitalize on the new search algorithm. I’m begging to think that with Etsy’s success, it is becoming imposible for buyers to find my items in the growing hay stack. My unique visitors and sales via my Etsy Storefront is way down compared to last year, it is also way down compared to the volume I am getting at my website. What I need is some help taking advantage of all this popularism of the cottage industry through Etsy, maybe someone can point me in the direction of some help with getting more traffic to my Etsy Shop.


  2. This is a clear and simple summary of what Etsy is and why it’s so great for both our buyers and us sellers…thanks so much! (Maybe now my friends and family will understand my passion for Etsy! :-)


  3. I love the term ‘Slow Fashion’! I’ve spent many years educating customers at shows as to why they should spend a little more to buy a handmade piece of jewelry from an artisan with beads that have been correctly made. High quality, non-disposable living does not have to be a thing of the past!

  4. Etsy CEO’s defining the New vision of business! So liked it! I wish my friends and family would read this and understand why my jewelry is so unique. But somehow everyone wants to run to the mall and get mall bought jewelry and actually tell me that they paid only xx.Sigh! At times I really don’t know where to promote!

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