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Etsy Sales Are Projected to Be Off the Charts This Holiday Season : Is Your Shop Ready?

It is only early September and most major online retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season.  Michael Merhab, Vice President of Ecommerce of CBS Interactive – CBS Sports, says he would have his holiday plan in place by mid-year and Jay Greenberg, Director of Ecommerce Marketing at Bed Bath & Beyond, says he knows what the home page of his company’s website will look like each day during December months in advance according to  These are large companies, but as small creative business owners we can apply there strategies.

This holiday season is projected to be very profitable for Etsy shop owners.   As you can see from the chart below, during the holiday shopping season the sales volume on Etsy  increases by 60% every year.   As an Etsy seller you  have the opportunity to get in on this increase, but to make money your  shop must be found.

etsy saels increase durninf the holiday season

This year with the changes to the Etsy search your top priority as an Etsy seller should be focusing on developing a relevancy search strategy for your Etsy shop.


Do you have an Etsy relevancy strategy in place?

Do you know if you are targeting a large variety of shoppers or a small target niche?

When you search your keywords on Etsy where do your items land?

Do you know how to find strong keywords and phrases that will stand up to the competition on Etsy and Google?

Are you seeing the traffic you want from Etsy and Google?

Have you set a goal for your holiday sales?


The Handmadeology Team has put together a package that is going to help you prepare your shop for the holiday rush.  The Holiday Rush Bundle includes 3 of the best tools from Handmadeology Pro.



The Etsy Relevancy Strategy Ebook and Analyzer

How to Find Strong Keywords Video

The Holiday Rush – Goal Countdown Spreadsheet



Have you started planning your strategy? A well laid out Etsy search strategy will help you get found on Etsy and Google.

Check out what these Etsy sellers have to say about the “Your Etsy Relevancy Strategy” by Handmadeology Pro

“Anyone who wants to just boost their shop, even if they are doing good , our google ranking went to the first search listing too! the day before, we were on page one , but in the middle of the page, now we are the first one! WOOT! you gotta get this info Etsy seller!” ~Kim

“I just have to say that your spreadsheet and ebook are awesome! The spreadsheet especially. I am experimenting with 20 items… I will keep you updated!” ~ Teressa

“ITS WORKING! it did not happen immediately, it took 24 hours, but our listings are now on pages 1-3 instead of past pg 10 , i didn’t keep looking after that!
Thanks Tim!” ~ Kim

“I followed your recommendations and it’s WORKING!!!!!! Now I found my design in the relevancy thing. I think that my tags were toooooo deep! I am changing them. Thanks, Tim and Jason.” ~Margarita

“I just did the key words in the titles and move to page 4. Thanks” ~ Jeffery

“TY so much for this info. I have already seen results from applying your Relevancy Tools. Now I have a clear understanding of what I need to do and have been doing it. $10.00 a month hardly seems enough for the invaluable information I have thus far gleaned from your Training. I feel like the fog has been lifted and I am now Full Steam Ahead.” ~Debbie



The Holiday Rush – Goal Countdown Spreadsheet

holiday sales tracker

Setting goals for your Etsy business is important for growth and staying motivated.  Goals written are dreams achieved:  There is something to writing down your goals.  When you use a pen or pencil, you can touch and smell it and you are turning a thought into a physical object.

The Holiday Rush – Goal Countdown Spreadsheet will allow you to track your Etsy sales, traffic, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers.

This spreadsheet,  like other’s offered by Handmadeology is  live and automatic.  Enter your  goal and enter your numbers  and see the graphs being built automatically.  Visually see yourself reaching your goals!


Getting your Etsy items to the top of the new Etsy search is important for any Etsy seller.  With the recent changes Etsy has made, you can no longer renew your items to get your items to the top of the search.  Currently the only way to make this happen is to find strong keywords and properly place them in your listings.

Here are the results that I have found after using the strategies I walk through in the video.

You can see that the key phrase earring tree is being searched in the handmade search (the default search).  Also notice that my listing was renewed on July 11, 2011 and it is still above an item that was listed 3 hrs prior to this screen shot.


Tressa, one of our pro members  discovered these results after applying the strategies in the video lesson :

“I have to say I spent an hour last night after watching the keyword video writing down my google keywords high search / low competition and I decided to do an experiment on a small section to put myself high on the page for my key phrase 90,500 searches on Google.

There are 70 pages on etsy for my key phrase.  My earliest item was on page 21.  Others were as far back as page 40 – 55.

This is what happened:

first item – went from page 21 to page 3 changed tags only
2nd item- went from page 22 to page 3 tags only
3rd item- moved from page 32 to page 1 title and tags
4th item – moved from page 40 to page 3 tags only
5th item – page 55 to page 2 tags only
6th item – page 55 to page 3 tags only

The video is awesome… I did not even think to check on the recency / relevancy on the items showing up high on the search until I saw the video.”


How can you get your hands on this package?


1. Sign up for Handmadeology Pro

Handmadeology Pro is the Handmadeology you know and love today – now on steroids! The content for members is amplified and intensified for sellers who are serious about improving their handmade business.

Sign up for only $10 and you will get the Holiday Rush Bundle above and all of September’s content right away!

Sign Up HERE


2. Buy it in our Etsy shop for or a one time purchase price of $40.  Buy Now


Good luck this holiday season.  Remember to be creative and have fun!


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