Friday , 4 December 2020
We are in the beginning stages of creating a free social media e-course. To help us out a bit, we would like to know a little about how our readers use social media.

Etsy Seller Social Media Marketing Survey

social media survey

We are in the beginning stages of creating a free social media e-course.   To help us out a bit, we would like to know a  little about how our readers use social media.   Fill out the form below.  Thanks!

Our free Business Identity E-course has been taken by over 600 sellers.


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  1. Social media seems to be effective but it takes a lot of time and so far sales have been minimal. I have the feeling that if I had more followers I would have more sales, but I don’t think I can afford to take more time out of my work day.

  2. I agree completely. Social media can be a great tool, but is so time consuming, I try to spend time and post thing frequently, but then I have no time to create.

  3. Social media doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Increasing your following doesn’t have to be related to spending more time on it.

    I think the trick is trying to get people to share your content, so more people see it and following increases because mr bloggs doesn’t want to wait for mr smith to repost something when they can get it directly off you.

  4. I too have cut back on time spent on social media, as it has left less time to create.

    I have been on a lite media fast, in order to get back on track.

    Hopefully, I will be renewed and have a keener outlook on it all soon.

  5. I agree, it’s sooo time consuming. I’d rather be quilting! And I’m getting fat!

  6. I also agree. I’m not interested that much in media and it creates mostly views for me. My leather work takes up most of my time.

  7. I find myself spending a-lot of time on social media sites. I need to better manage my time.

  8. Agreed! I want to use social media effectively but there is so much to learn, so little time to create. I get better results from creating and interacting in a timely way with customers. I would rather create awesome pieces–and am not willing to lose creative time.

  9. apparently a way to do it to outsource( someone who does certain job for you), be very organised, try to prepare and sell e-books, and use tools like tweetdeck to make most things automatic.

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